Lodestone Love Spell – Rosemary

  1. Sprinkle dried ground rosemary onto a lodestone.

  2. Carry it in a charm bag to draw love and attract favorable attention.

Lodestone Love Spells

Lodestone’s magnetic properties inspire their use in love spells. Lodestones are used to draw love toward you and then keep that love close at hand. According to traditional Chinese mysticism, the luckiest wedding hands are crafted from matched lodestones.

The Witch Is In……

Death, death and more death, bah humbug! Those were the words that Charles Dixon originally planned to come out of Scrooge’s mouth but he had to tone it down for the Elizabethan bunch, lol! No seriously, I am pissed off! I quit posting to run to town and get some Krispy Kreme donuts (YUM!!!) and cigarettes (BAD, I know, I know but it is a bad habit and you know what they say about them???). I should mention at this time, the motor in my car blew up, so we have one truck at the present time. I got in my husband’s truck to go to town and I found this strange object laying in the seat. Come to find out this strange object was the door handle. Then I went to start the truck, the ignition key part was hanging out. I was so damn mad I couldn’t see straight. Why do people tear up other people’s stuff? Why? Do they get their jollies this way? I bet if some of the low-life-miserable dogs had to get out and actually work and buy something they’d tried to take care of, they sure wouldn’t want me coming over and tearing it up for them. And you know what is really pissy? We have a county sheriff that lives right down the road! Well at least the car sits there all the time. Maybe he is just using it for yard decoration, huh? The sad thing is, I think I know who done it and it is a family member. I have a family member who is a garage mechanic and I use to work for him and quit because he told me he couldn’t afford to pay me (GOOD ONE!). Anyway, him or one of the fellows that worked for him would screw with our cars were we would have to call him and get them fixed. Perhaps I am wrong about this but it is the same crap he use to pull. I haven’t spoken to him in over two years. Business got bad and he had to let all of his other mechanics go and it ended up just me and him up in the boonies by ourselves. I found out real quick the man is sick, he thought I was one of his cheap little tramps instead of his cousin. The day, I left up there, he was laid out in the floor and I didn’t look back. I told him if he ever called me, came around me or tried to have any contact with me at all, I would tell my husband, my brother, my son and top it all off, call his wife. I guess I just jump to conclusions and when I think it might be something he done, I spit fire.

Anyway sorry about getting off into small trivia details of my life. I was going to quit posting death spells and go to posting love spells. Since its February and love is in the air, why not post a few? There is a reason, I haven’t never kept many love spells on any site I have anything to do with. The reason is because not all Practitioners have the same view on Love Spells. The new ones to the Craft and perhaps a younger generation would be delighted to see the Love Spells added. The old Practitioner might not. The reason being Love Spells can be “iffy” magick. What does that mean? You walk a fine line when you use love magick. A line between the white magick and the black magick. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you there are not different shades of magick, because there is.) With love magick, if not performed properly you run the risk of messing with someone’s freewill. As witches, we do not tamper with other’s freewill at all. That is a Cosmic NO-NO! I have even caught heat from the older Practitioners about putting them on a site, group or blog.  I believe that a spell and I mean the spell itself can be used for bad “intentions” just as well as it can be used for good “intentions.” You see the spell or ritual is not bad or evil, it is the intent of the spellcaster that determines the finally outcome of the spell.  After this explanation most of the old Practitioners calm down and agree with me 🙂 It is the spellcaster’s intent that determines what type of spell is casted. 

So now that I have all the Death stuff  out-of-the-way, and the nearly stealing of the only vehicle running stolen and gave a lecture about the intentions of the spellcaster, let’s enjoy some Love Spells…….

You’ve got to love me to put up with me, lol! 

Love Ball (1)

  1. Soften beeswax

  2. Add powdered dragon’s blood, frankincense, rosemary, chopped straw and a little hair of the one you desire. Roll this into a ball between your palms and carry it with you.

Ghost Prevention Spell (1)

  1. Immediately following a death, brew substantial quantities of bayberry tea, in order to follow a Seminole recommendation to prevent ghosts.

  2. Family and friends of the deceased should drink this tea, as well as bathing their heads and arms with it for three days following the death.

Copal Incense

Copal is traditionally burned during Mexican Day of the Dead rituals but it may be used anytime. Its fragrance pleases, purifies, and honors those who have passed on, while protecting and cleansing the living at the same time.

Chervil Incense

Chervil, also known as Sweet Cicely or British myrrh, was among the ancient Egyptian funerary herbs. Remains of the herb were found within Tutankhamun’s tomb. Burn the dried herb as incense to comfort the bereaved and also to enable them to contact the deceased if desired.

Fiery Ring of Protection

  1. Until funeral rites occur, maintain lit candles around the body to create a fiery wall of protection.

  2. Irish tradition designates a dozen candles steadily burning, other traditions suggest two (one each at head and foot), four (marking the body’s cardinal points) or as many as can be squeezed around.

  3. Light a new candle, every time one burns out.

Escort Service to the Beyond Spell (5) Canine Intervention

Many spiritual traditions believe that a dog psychopomp awaits the newly dead, waiting to lead the way to the next existence. Without the dog, it was believed the dead soul was doomed to wander and never find the right path. Trusting souls know that their loyal spirit dog awaits them, however, not everyone has faith. Perhaps out of anxiety, different traditions tried to compensate sometimes a familiar pet was killed following a person’s death so that they could be buried together, with this pet dog assuming the role of psychopomp. The ancient people of what is now Mexico came up with a happier magickal solution:

  1. Create or obtain a clay image of a dog: it can look like a specific breed or individual dog or just be a generic canine.

  2. Incorporate this figure into funeral rites, either burying together with the person or cremating them together.