Dead Man’s Rope Curse

The Renaissance magician, Cornelius Agrippa, discussed this hexing. tool. Use a rope to obtain nine measurements from a dead man’s corpse. Measure each of the following three times each:

  • from the elbow to the longest finger

  • from the shoulder to the tip of the longest finger

  • from the head to the toe

Keep the rope, Anyone subsequently measured with it will suffer misery, misfortune, or worse.

Cursing Stones

Charging a stone with malevolence is an ancient Celtic method of delivering a curse. Charge the stone by holding it in your hands while allowing yourself to be engulfed by feelings of rage, jealousy, anger, or hatred. The stone will store this emotion. When charging ig complete, terminate the process by setting the stoned down and consciously changing your train of thought. Reserve the stone for future use.

Should one wish to curse someone or something, hold the stone within your hands, stroking it, while turning it counter-clockwise and murmuring curses.

Crossing Oil

Of course, if Uncrossing Oil exists, there must be Crossing Oil, too. Use this formula to cast a hex:

  1. Grind cayenne pepper, Grains of Paradise, and wormwood.

  2. Place it in a bottle together with a pebble from the cemetery.

  3. Cover with mineral (baby) oil.

Coffin Hex

This Russian coffin spell is superficially similar to the New Orleans-based one, but is actually very different. The goal is not intimidation but genuine, unadulterated malevolence, The coffin, and hence the hex, is not made public, but kept hidden, the hex is more insidious and harder to lift.

  1. Work a strand of the victim’s hair into wax or some clay. (If the clay can be crafted from their gathered footprint, this hex is believed to be even more effective.)

  2. Mold the wax or clay into something  resembling your victim.

  3. Place this image inside a little coffin.

  4. Bury the coffin and cover it with a rock.

Important: A Warning Spell Before Beginning

Should one for any reason (and of course, yours is a good one) attempt to cast a a malicious spell using oils or powders, and should some of that hexing material somehow get onto you, forget about the original spell and focus immediately on cleansing yourself instead:

  • Cleanse thoroughly using rosemary hydrosol or appropriate quantities of the essential oil. (Remember less is always more with essential oils. Don’t be tempted to use excessive amounts because you’ve scared yourself).

  • Wait at least 24 hours before considering whether to return to the original spell.

This cleansing may also be used if you are the target of a malevolent spell.

Bearing Water for Brigid

Bearing Water for Brigid

Sketches for a water vessel –
bottle and message elide on waves.
Voice of Brigid calls.
All who hear: Imagine.
Exposed to wind, to grit, to rain
and hail,
rock faces erode.

Designated fixed space
Sacrosanct container
Conveyor through fluid
Creates place, surface to paint.
diffusement of emotion,
beatitude, foment of dueling farce.

Harsh edges polished,
pure colors
blend in the dark.
Brief infusion
of giddy illusion
just enough to guilefully entice.
Sparkling Neural net
a secret
clue revealing
purpose, meaning,
wild eternal child,
ages’ flamboyant fool,

(Voice rains from within)

A wound is a sacred vessel.
Pain carves into flesh
sense memory;
carries the seed
of its own demise.
engulfed in life
learns anew to be whole.

Wounded with the potential for wisdom
when eyes are are pried
from seeping, sucking, suffering
aching to censure what future we admire.
Redefine the schizm.
This wound is our project.
To heal, discover the vision;
realign the seam to fit
self-framed landscape.

Let loose that genie of desire.
Ride rushing blood streams.
Build a roaring pyre of grief,
insane belief in wrathfilled deities.
Revile that old refrain: “life is pain” or a game
to be lost.
No Faustian bargain.
Just a
rambling adventure
to explore
essence of ecstasy.
Don’t wait for the rest to see
and demur.
Stretch your sail.
Take sight of your guiding star.
The only failure is self-denial
in favor of the vile lie
that pain is destiny
instead of faithful friend
lending energy
for change.

Slice vivid memories.
Exult in the tastes, the textures.
Enliven your way.

In the end
the vessel breaks.
There the Goddess stirs

2011 Aquarius