Elder’s Meditation of the Day – February 9

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – February 9

“It can be 100 degrees in the shade one afternoon and suddenly there comes a storm with hailstones as big as golf balls, the prairie is all white and your teeth chatter. That’s good – a reminder that you are just a small particle of nature, not so powerful as you think.”

–Lame Deer, LAKOTA

No event, no relationship, no joy, no sadness, no situation ever stays the same. Every setback is only temporary. Even setbacks change. Why? Because the Great Spirit designed the world to be constantly changing. We are not the center of the universe, we are but a small part. The whole is constantly changing, and we as humans are constantly participating in the change. We have two choices, to resist change or participate in the change. Every change can be resisted, and every change can be made in cooperation. What will I choose today, resistance or cooperation?

Great Spirit, teach me to make cooperative changes.



February 9 – Daily Feast

February 9 – Daily Feast

To some, power is domination, ruling anything defenseless. But that isn’t power, it is abuse, and abuse is cowardly. Abuse takes advantage where it can, always pretending to be the victim, but looking for the opportunity to overpower. Forget the idea that power is from the world. Whole worlds have been changed in minutes. Power that was bold and bragging can suddenly be a whimper. Empires have crashed and those that caused so much misery have deflated like balloons. Real power is not nigvnhdiha, which is understood by the Cherokee to be put on. It is from an inner source, characteristically calm, like a great river that flows smoothly but drives huge cities with energy. A single drop of water seems powerless and takes the way of least resistance, but joined to all the others, it has force. One person may seem inadequate to change anything, but united with others, can change anything.

~ The red man must leave the land of his youth and find a new home in the far west. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


The Goddess Companion

If I were adrift upon the ocean
with demons and dragons all around,
I would think of sweet Kuan-Yin
and the angry waters would subside.
If I were trapped within a furnace
as hot as hell’s own blazes,
I would think of Kuan-Yin’s power,
and the flames would turn to water.
If enemies pursued me, if I were thrown
from a high mountain peak, if knives
were raised against me, if I were imprisoned
or beset by beasts, I would call on her.
Her pity shields me from the lightning.
Her compassion is like a cloud around me,
which rains down sweetness and
puts out the fires of my sorrow.
~Chinese Prayer To Kuan-Yin
In China, this is the birthday of the great bodhisattva (near Buddha) Kuan-Yin, “she who hears the cries of the weeping world.” Born a human girl named Miao Shan, she earned enlightenment but refused it out of compassion for those who remained unenlightened here on earth. She will not, it is said, move into true Buddhahood so long as there is even one living being who has not seen the light of truth.
We can call out to her, Chinese tradition says, merely by uttering her name. The holy name of Kuan-Yin is the greatest protection we have against anything that threatens us. Or, put another way: recognition of the goddess’light, which shines throughout creation, is our greatest source of strength.

By Patricia Monaghan

Crone’s Corner – Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day

Crone’s Corner – Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day

In the early days of the American South, it was thought that if a woman wore a wasp’s nest in her clothing (hidden in her bustle), that her lover would love her more deeply. Don’t try this one at home, kids!

Feng Shui For Lovers!

A tall vase of pussy-willows placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom or the most southwestern corner of the house is thought to amplify warmth, compassion, tenderness and sweetness in a relationship. To attract a new relationship, put two roses in the same corner.

Love Potion #69
Two ounces Vanilla flavoured vodka
One ounce Orange flavoured vodka

Sprig of Mint


This is the adult version of a creamsicle. The vanilla flavour represents warmth, sweetness and smoothness of communication. The orange represents warmth, joy, tenderness and affection. The vodka is for hardiness and strength. Mix ingredients with lots of ice in a cocktail shaker. Pour into two martini glasses. Garnish with a sprig of mint – to encourage the whispering of sweet nothings in your ear.

Magick Spell
Take two large sewing needles, one representing a man and the other a woman. Name each of the needles and ask God to bless them. Insert the point of the “male” needle into the eye of the “female needle.” Bind the two needles together with orange thread (for passion), red thread (for lust) and pink thread (for joy.) Put in a place for safekeeping – like a jewelry box and don’t let the needles become unraveled until your wish is obtained.

If wish is not obtained within a year, it is probably not a union that is meant to be.

Submitted By Hel

Spell Of The Day – Each Day Is a Gift Spell

Spell Of The Day – Each Day Is a Gift Spell

Each day comes as a gift, free of charge. It is ours to spend as we see fit. In this busy age, we often rush through without taking time to savor it, let alone give thanks for it. Most spells focus on asking for something. Here is an alternative verse to chant or song when appreciation is due: “I give thanks for the rising and setting of the Sun. For all good works completed or begun. For all the evil thwarted or undone, On this day whose sands are run. I give thanks for the passing of the swift silver Moon, For all hearts lifted by a happy tune. For the good food that fills the supper spoon, May more days this bright come soon.”

By Elizabeth Barrette, Llewellyn’s and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

Goddess Of The Day: Iemanja/Yemanja

Goddess Of The Day: Iemanja/Yemanja
Iemanja Festival (Brazil)
Themes: Foresight, Divination, Psychic Abilities
Symbol: Water
To Do Today: At daybreak on this day, mediums in Brazil begin singing and dancing to summon the spirit of Iemanja, who provides glimpses of the year ahead. Worshipers take offerings carved with the wishes to rivers or to the ocean. Here, Iemanja’s spirit accepts the gifts, and the magic of the wish begins. To follow this custom make any small natural token and toss it in moving water with your wish, the water should be flowing toward you if you wish to being energy and flowing away from you if you want to carry away problems.
In keeping with today’s theme, soak in a mild saltwater bath to cleanse away any unwanted energy and heighten your senses.
Then try your favorite divination tool. Pray to Iemanja beforehand to bless your efforts. See what messages she has for you, especially on emotionally charged matters (water equates in metaphysical traditions).
Finally, to honor Iemanja, wear ocean blue clothing today, carry a blue stone (like lace agate or lapis), put a seashell or coral
in your pocket, dance in the rain (if the weather cooperates), or play in the sprinkler. Rediscover the element of water. 
By Patricia Telesco

Seize The Day! Celebrating Ancient Holidays!

Seize The Day! Celebrating Ancient Holidays!

(And some not so ancient!)


Diabetes Sundays
Man Day
National “DAV” Day
World Marriage Day

Feast of Apollo
Toothache Day
St. Apollonia’s Day (patron of dentists; against toothaches)
Hobert Regatta Day (Tasmania)
National Inventor’s Day
St. Maron’s Day (patron of Maronites)
National Bagels and Lox Day
St. Teilo’s Day
National Hooky Day
Tales of Kelp-Koli begin (Fairy)
Feast of La’Ala’A (Upolu God of Wrestling; Polynesia)

A Bad Day For Priests, according to Mayan chronological estimation.

Gasparilla Day, Tampa, Florida -Spanish pirate defeated by US Navy in 1821.Beginning of week long festival.
Someone playing Gasparilla is crowned Pirate King, given keys to city, etc.

GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast – Source: The Daily Globe, School Of The Seasons and/or The Daily Bleed

Today Is: Wednesday

Today Is: Wednesday – named after Odin, or Woden, the great Anglo Saxon god of war and wisdom. The French word for Wednesday, mercredi, more clearly shows its link to Mercury, the Roman god of science, commerce, and travel. Meditation and focus on learning, study, travel, and communication are best performed on Wednesday, the day of Mercury.~Emely Flak

 Today’s Magick ~  A day for divination, communications, knowledge, wisdom  science and magic pertaining to the mind, while wearing green and using silver or agate.

Today’s Moon Magick ~ The Waxing Moon: (from the new moon to the full) is the ideal time for
magic to draw things towards you.

Goddess Month of Bridhe Begins~ 1/23 – 2/19


Color- Peach – Peach is a safe, unobtrusive, reassuring color. When you wear it, others view you as non-threatening force in their lives. Try it for magical efforts that deal with kindness, gentleness, sympathy, empathy, and well-wishing.

Heads Up For Tomorrow! Turquoise – a must for workaholics. Wearing it can help you to step back and put your workload into perspective. Use it in rituals that involve stress relief, study, knowledge retention, and finding the logic in situations where there seems to be none.

Incense: Sandalwood – Powers of Protection,wishes,healing,exorcism,spirituality