Haptic Sex Magick

Haptic is from the Greek world  haptesthai meaning “to touch.” If you are haptic, you are a person who is primarily kinesthetic or relies primarily on your sense of touch. The spell uses purely haptic clue to intensify your sexual and orgasmic energies for sex magick.

You will need a feather, a fresh thornless rose, two pieces of candy, satin or flannel sheets, a soft quilt, silky or velvety lingerie or pajamas, and two sleeping masks.

After dark, put the feather, rose, and candy in a small box or bag, and put the items next to your bed for easy access. Dress your bed in satin or soft flannel sheets, and dress yourself in silky or velvety lingerie or pajamas. Turn on romantic music in your bedroom. Take your lover into the room and ask him or her to lie on the bed. Go over to your mate, and give him or her a big French kiss upside down, so your bottom life meets your lover’s top lip and your top lip meets your lover’s bottom lip. (If you have never kissed your lover in this way, you are in for a most pleasant and sexy surprise.) After you kiss your lover, put the sleeping masks on, and turn out the lights. Begin by taking each other’s clothes off slowly and deliberately. Next, hold the feather in your hand and stroke your’s body with it. Tickle and tease with the feather. As you do, say:

Feel me, touch me, blessed be!

Now hold the rose in your hand, and put it up to your lover’s nose so he or she can smell it. Softly massage your lover’s back and chest with the rose petals. As you do, repeat:

Feel me, touch me, blessed be!

Then feed your love a piece of the candy and have your mate feed you the other piece of candy. As you feed your love the candy, say:

Kiss me sweetly, my love. Blessed be!

Now kiss your lover. Then, softly stroke your lover’s body in all the right places and have him on her return in kind. Keep the masks on while you make love. Direct your sexual energies towards a shared dream or magickal goal.

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