Star Apple Love Potion

Make and eat this potion to sweeten your love and romance with that special person.

For this potion, you will need:

One apple, apricot preserves, ground ginger, and ground cinnamon.

After dinner, preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut an apple horizontally so you can see the seed star within. After you cut the apples, hold the apples halves in your hands, and say:

Apple of Goodness, apple of love

Sweeten our romance, as below so above.

Now dig out the seeds and core and make a little pocket to put the preserves. As you do, chant:

Apple of goodness, sweeten our love.

Mix the preserves with a pinch or two of ginger and cinnamon, then spoon into the apple. As you spoon the mixture into the apple halves, repeat:

Apple of goodness, apple of love

Sweeten our romance as below so above.

Wrap the apple halves in aluminum foil and bake for fifteen to twenty minutes. Allow the apple halves to cool enough to eat them, but make sure you eat then warm. Eat one of the halves yourself, and feed your love the other half. Just before you take the first bite, repeat:

Apple of goodness, sweeten our love.