Happy WhirlWind Monday Dear Friends!

I don’t know if it is a whirlwind Monday or a manic Monday? I must apologize for us running late. We had a call come in from a local Vet for an animal pick-up. I took the call and the Vet made me promise not to tell Lady A what she was coming to pick up. It is a turkey vulture, ugh! Lady A won’t refuse to pick it up, nurse it back to health and then re-release. She tells us that the vulture is one animal that creeps her out. And she is hard to creep out. I admit myself I like holding and cuddling with some of the animals we get. But you won’t find me cuddling with a turkey vulture, no way. As soon as she get back with it and gets it settled I will take a photo of it. Then you can see for yourself what I am talking about.

Lady had just started up her computer as I took the phone call. She told me I could use it for the day. I wonder what kind of goodies she has hide on this thing, hmm. I think the Countess told everyone that the firefighter destroyed my computer. Lady A has a regular PC, she is going to bring down here for me to use. It is one she has stored several old Books of Shadows on. I can’t wait to get it and snoop through it. She has already told me I could use anything I find on it. Which means one of two things, she has already wiped it cleaned or I can actually use anything on it? Time for me to quit dreaming and get to work. If I don’t have something done by the time she gets back, she will think I have been playing on this one.

Have a blessed day,


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Happy Day Before Turkey Day To Ya, dearest friends of mine!





Well good morning/afternoon to ya’! How are all of you doing the day before Turkey Day? Myself, rather good. We went last night and picked up our turkey. We took Tom and had him smoked at one of the local Bar-B-Que joints, lol! It is not a joint, the restaurant is known all across the country for their bar-b-que. We got the turkey home and just had to have some sandwiches. That turkey melted in your mouth, damn it was delicious! Yum-yum! I told my husband I will never cook a turkey again. We will take it and have it smoked, boy, they are good.

Enough talking turkey, 🙂 or else I will be in there eating again. Seriously though, I would have been here sooner but our cable is out. Some of the office wanted to watch the news today while they worked. I went to turn the darn thing on and nothing!!!! So I called Comcast. I don’t know if any of you have had dealings with them or not. But I would soon as pull my hair out as mess with them. They talked about our problem for 5 minutes. Had me get up and go unplug the box, come back to the phone and then tell them if it was working. Well of course not! Really quickly the salesperson said, “it will take 30 minutes.” Then he proceeded to tell me all the specials they were having. He had worked us up a package that included our phone service. I said no. He then told me how much I would save. I still said no. Then he said well let me change your account and you can call and cancel it if you don’t want it. Final straw, I told him, “Have you not been hearing a word I have been saying? I do not want it! I don’t want anything done to our account. I just want my damn cable back!” That’s all it took, “there is an outage in your area, your service should be back on within the hour. Good day!” It is pitiful when you cannot get through to these salespeople. What should have took 10 minutes took 35 instead. All he had to do was listen, explain there was an outage and then hang up. Five minutes. But heck no, he had to waste my time after I told him again and again, NO! I know these companies push their employees to do this but don’t they realize they can also lose customers this way. Apparently not!

Oh one more thing and I will leave you alone. Do you have any opinions about these stores opening on Thanksgiving tomorrow? I definitely have one. You share yours and I will share mine. Come on, I want to hear from you…….


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A Very Good & Blessed Sunday Morning to everyone out there this morning!

How’s everyone doing this morning? I hope the weather is beautiful where you are at. Around here, the wind is blowing around 70 mph. The backside of the house sounds like it is about ready to blow off. I have already been up and out this morning. We went to check on the animals, make sure no trees have fell on them, their tarps still over the tops and most of all feed the little vultures, lol! Just kidding, they are all growing and recovering fine. Next week, the weather is suppose to be back to normal. So Guess What? You get to put up with me, you lucky dogs, lol! I know at least three little fuzzy kids of mine will be glad of that. I come home every morning and the minute I walk through the door, I am jumped. Stinker, Kiki and Razzy all want to smell me. Razzy has gotten so big, she wraps one of her paws around my leg and she stops me. I have gotten were I just sit down in the floor and let them sniff away. I just can’t wait till I get sprayed by one of those baby skunks, lol! I shouldn’t even say that, I will jinx myself. I have never gotten sprayed, knock on wood.

I am getting ready to open up a can of worms now. I know I said I don’t talk about Politics on the blogs, but….something about this campaign is really eating at me. I just feel this need to express myself on certain subjects. I don’t know how many of you watched the Presidential Debate the other night. You know the one that Obama lost, yeah right! Romney made a comment that has been eating at me every since then. I don’t remember what he was replying too but he made the comment, “All Gods are one God!” That scares me. Now if a Pagan said that, I wouldn’t think a thing about it. But for him to say it, it bothers me. “All Gods are one God!” It makes me wonder if he is implying all Gods are one God and that God is his God. What is he planning on doing, making the U. S. a nation of one religion. Forget diversity! Forget Religious Freedom! I remember a comment that he made early in his campaign and I guess that is where these fears are coming from. His comment was, “a very unsavory influence was spreading across the United States.” The “unsavory influence” makes me think he is talking about Witchcraft and Paganism. You hear it on the News just like I do, people are leaving mainstream religions. The other night there was a Poll done and there was a big jump in people not claiming any religion at all anymore. Of course, the Poll did not mention “if you were affiliated with Witchcraft or Paganism.”

I know Romney keeps mentioning he wants to take us back to the times of Reagan. That’s a laugh. Reagan never did a thing for us. We like to have starved to death and my husband was out of work all the time. My husband was a union man and I remember Reagan trying to bust every union in this country. But all that is beside the point, if Romney wants to take us back to the past, how much further does he really want to go? “All Gods are one God,” “Unsavory Influences,” is he planning on taking away our Religious freedom. Enforcing how we worship. What happens if we don’t want to worship that way? Are they going to burn us at the stake again?  There is something about that man, he has a hidden agenda. This feeling I do have and it is very strong. Romney has never come right out and told us what his plans are. How is he going to cut the debt? How is he going to handle the Middle East and our Foreign policies? He wants to do away with “Obama care,” what does he have in mind to replace it with? He has never answered any of these questions. Some say he has no idea what he is going to do. I believe he does. And it is my worse fear and I pray to the Goddess this country wakes up before it is too late. I believe he will take us back to Reagan’s time. We will all be broke and starving. Those who haven’t lost their homes already will. We will all be living in tents and be damn glad to Have’em. I sincerely believe this, Romney will take this country back to worshipping one Religion. I believe he will try but this time I don’t think it will happen. We have all, Pagans and non-Pagans, who have learned from the world’s history. We will never let another people be persecuted again. We are all individuals and we all have rights. That is our Goddess given birthright.

Whether you agree with me or not, that is your right (for now). I believe everyone needs to pay very close attention to every word that comes out of Romney’s mouth. I also believe you need to stop and think, “why isn’t he laying out any of his plans for the country?” I don’t believe it is because he doesn’t have any. I believe it is truly because he has a hidden agenda. Think about what I said. Then listen to the debate this week. Then we will talk afterwards.

Just remember the Goddess has given us our rights and freedom. This time we will not let anyone or any person take them away from us.



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Your Animal Spirit forSeptember 16 is The Turkey

Your Animal Spirit for Today
September 16, 2012


Has turkey gobbled his way into your life today? If so he brings a message of sacrificing for the greater good. To some indigenous tribes, Turkey represents the spirit of the giveaway–a ceremony where those who have more give to those who have less, thus “sacrificing” for others. If Turkey helps you feel the spirit of giving, who can you help?

Magickal Spell of the Day for July 11 – Eye of Horus Crystal Spell To Stop a Person Envying You

An Eye of Horus Blue Crystal Spell to Stop A Person from Envying You

The Eye of Horus, the ancient Egyptian Sky God, has been a symbol of protection against envy in the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean lands for thousands of Years.

The Eye of Horus was made of blue glass or faience (a blue glass and ceramic mix), or painted on a blue stone such as lapis lazuli, sodalite or falcon’s eye. Horus was depicted as a falcon -headed deity. The protective image of Horus was worn on a necklace or carried as a charm.

Items You Will Need:

A round, flat, blue crystal; a small pot of acrylic or modeling paint and a thin brush, or a fine-line permanent ink market in a color that will show clearly on your chosen crystal.

Best Time To Cast:

During the Waning Moon, after sunset.

The Spell:

  1. Draw or paint the Eye of Horus on the blue crystal as you do so picturing the envious person surrounded in gentle blue light and turning away from you.
  2. When you have finished painting, enchant your crystal by moving your hands nine times over it, palms downwards, the left hand circling widdershin (anti-clockwise) and the right hand circling deosil (clockwise). As you move your hands, chant:  “Eye bright, By day and night, Turn the sight of (name of person) from me, And on them light. Bright blessings.” (If you wish you can send blessings to an ill-wisher, you will be doubly blessed yourself.)
  3. Keep the eye charm somewhere between you and the envious person.
  4. When the paint chips or fades, it is time to replace the charm (but this may never become necessary).

The Love Goddess for You

by Cait Johnson

Back before Ann Landers or couples counselors, before the psychic hotline and the daily love horoscope, people prayed to their local love goddess for help with relationship matters. After all, everyone deserves to have a goddess they can talk to about love issues: it helps to know that you have a powerful deity in your corner, cheering you on, offering gentle advice in the form of your own intuition, a place to go where you can find some peace and serenity around the crazy-making stuff of love.

We all know about the Ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite (whose name gave us the word “aphrodisiac,” among other things) and Venus, her Roman counterpart, but what if you don’t identify with a Greek or Italian goddess? Which love goddess can you go to for help, healing, and advice?
Well, here are some love goddesses from Ireland, Mexico, South America, India, Africa, the Middle East, and more. We also include a listing of offerings that are traditional to give each one, here:

Africa: Oshun(amber, seashells, water)

Borneo: Fire Woman(candles)

China: Zhinu(stars, silver things)

Egypt: Isis(silver, amethyst, myrrh)

France: Isolt(anything white)

Germany: Minne(dried linden flowers, beer)

Haiti: Erzulie(peppercorns, anything blue)

India: Kamala(lotus, yellow things)

Ireland: Edain(crystals)

Japan: Kamuhata Hime(braided yarn)

Korea: Bai Mundan(white flowers)

Lithuania: Laima(wreaths)

Mexico: Chaska(fire, flowers)

Middle East: Asherah (lilies), Anaitis (cinnamon, green branches), Ishtar(stars, moons, doves)

Native American: Bear Woman(stone carvings)

Persia: Anahita(water, green branches)

Romanian Gypsy: Amari De(luminescent cloth, matches)

Teutonic: Iduna (apples)

Daily OM for May 10 – Finding Peace Within

Finding Peace Within
A Full Embrace Excluding Nothing

by Madisyn Taylor


If we are to have true peace in the world, we must first find it within ourselves.

Most people agree that a more peaceful world would be an ideal situation for all living creatures. However, we often seem stumped as to how to bring this ideal situation into being. If we are to have true peace in this world, each one of us must find it in ourselves first. If we don’t like ourselves, for example, we probably won’t like those around us. If we are in a constant state of inner conflict, then we will probably manifest conflict in the world. If we have fighting within our families, there can be no peace in the world. We must shine the light of inquiry on our internal struggles, because this is the only place we can really create change.

When we initiate the process of looking inside ourselves for the meaning of peace, we will begin to understand why it has always been so difficult to come by. This in itself will enable us to be compassionate toward the many people in the world who find themselves caught up in conflicts both personal and universal. We may have an experience of peace that we can call up in ourselves to remind us of what we want to create, but if we are human we will also feel the pull in the opposite direction—the desire to defend ourselves, to keep what we feel belongs to us, to protect our loved ones and our cherished ideals, and the anger we feel when threatened. This awareness is important because we cannot truly know peace until we understand the many tendencies and passions that threaten our ability to find it. Peace necessarily includes, even as it transcends, all of our primal energy, much of which has been expressed in ways that contradict peace.

Being at peace with ourselves is not about denying or rejecting any part of ourselves. On the contrary, in order to be at peace we must be willing and able to hold ourselves, in all our complexity, in a full embrace that excludes nothing. This is perhaps the most difficult part for many of us, because we want so much to disown the negative aspects of our humanity. Ironically, though, true peace begins with a willingness to take responsibility for our humanity so that we might ultimately transform it in the light of our love.

I be darned if I take another day off……

Hello Images, Pics, Comments, Graphics
Good Saturday Morning, my luvs! Did you miss me? Sorry about that! Most of the time I try to give notice when I take a day off. But yesterday was sort of an impromptu day off. And boy, if I take another one off, I hope someone turns me into a jackass (you notice no “lol!”). I won’t go into details because I will just get mad again but it had to do with my lazy husband. Today is peaceful and I am going to let sleeping dogs lay for now, “for now!” Things are always subject to change, lol!

Anyway, I hope you missed me because I missed you. I missed the peace and quiet of the internet. All my sweet and loving friends, all the peace and quiet of the internet, did I mention that already, lol! But it great to be back. It is funny, it seems like you miss just a day, it seems like you have been gone a week or two. So before time gets away from me anymore, I am going to get busy. 

Have a super fantastic day!

Love ya,

Lady A

Ostara Symbols

Ostara Symbols

image Lilies – These beautiful flowers were a symbol of life in Greece and Rome. During the Ostara season, young men would give a lily to the young woman they were courting. If the young woman accepted the lily, the couple were considered engaged (much like accepting a diamond ring from a young man in today’s society).


image Lambs – This fluffly little mammal is an eternal symbol of Ostara, and was sacred to virtually all the virgin goddesses of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The symbol was so ingrained in the mindset of the people of that region that it was carried over into the spring religious rituals of the Jewish Passover and Christian Easter.


image Robins – One of the very first birds to be seen in the Spring, robins are a sure sign of the fact that warm weather has indeed returned.


image Bees – These busy little laborers re dormant during the winter. Because of this, the sighting of bees is another sure sign of Spring. They were also considered by the Ancient peoples to be messengers of the Gods and were sacred to many Spring and Sun Goddesses around the world.


image Honey – The color of the sun, this amber liquid is, of course, made through the laborious efforts of the honeybee. With their established role as messengers to the Gods, the honey they produced was considered ambrosia to the Gods.


image Faeries – Because of their ability to bring blessings to your gardens, protect your home, and look after your animals, it is beneficial to draw faeries to your life. Springtime is the quinessential season to begin drawing the fae again. You want to be sure to leave succulent libations or pretty little gifts for them. Some ideas for libations or gifts are… honey, fresh milk, bread, lilacs, primrose blossoms, cowslip, fresh berries, dandelion wine, honeysuckle, pussywillows, ale, or shiny coins.


image Equal-armed Crosses – These crossesrepresent the turning points of the year, the solstices and equinoxes and are often referred to as ‘Sun Wheels’. They come in many forms such as God’s eyes, Celtic crosses, Shamrocks, Brigid’s crosses, 4-leaved clovers, crossroads, etc.

Wicca in the World: Our Place in the 21st Century

Wicca in the World: Our Place in the 21st Century

Author: Ash’lynn Gaoithe

Religion has always been a sensitive subject. Religious conflicts and disagreements have a long and bloody history. I’ve heard it said that a belief system couldn’t be a true religion unless someone has died in its name. And while martyrdom is a powerful way to express the ultimate conviction for a cause, what does that say about human tolerance and our inability to coexist with people who do not believe the same things as us? I have many opinions on this subject, and I’d like to believe that they are a lovely shade of grey, instead of the black and white that religion usually is. I’ll talk about my views of religion in the abstract, how Wicca fits in, and then why I don’t believe that science in any way discredits our faith.

First of all, I think the theory of religion is beautiful and comforting. The belief in a power greater than one’s self puts me at ease, because it puts responsibility in the hands of someone more qualified than any man. I find it easy to rationalize that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and for the greater good (even if the “greater good” doesn’t quite work out in my favor) . There is a Navajo belief that every religion contains a thread of truth, and only when all the threads are woven together can the complete tapestry, the full truth, be seen. I mention this because I have a hard time accepting religions that claim to be the only “right” way to salvation. These religions then of course condemn other beliefs as false.

Now, I was raised a Christian, because it’s what my parents believed. This is easy to understand, because Christianity is the predominant religion where I was born. I’m sure that if I had been born in Afghanistan, I would have grown up a Muslim, or had I grown up in India or China, I would have been Hindu or Taoist, respectively. Religion, it seems, is quite culturally based. That’s why I always felt very uncomfortable with the whole “Jesus is the only way to salvation” thing. If the Christian God knows all, then He must know that a child born in the Middle East is not likely to turn to Christianity, because of harsh social pressure to be Muslim. And what about children born in remote parts of the world, like in tribal Africa, or aborigines in Oceania? In cases like that, He would know, perhaps, that western missionary would come to preach Christianity, at least not in that child’s lifetime. (And it’s not to say that conversions can’t happen; although cultural backgrounds do hold influence on people, personality is not indicative of where you were born. I recognize that. But if religion is part of an accepted social norm, conversion might be unlikely.)

It seemed to me, that if in the Christian doctrine anyone who did not accept Jesus into his or her heart could not enter heaven, then by determining that a child would be born into a “heathen” part of the world, then He was damning that soul to hell. And I could not relate to this God of predestination. He did not strike me as a loving God.

A couple months ago, I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was a wonderful book, and in the author’s quest to find spiritual enlightenment, she found her spark in a Hindu temple in India. When she described her experience, which happened during meditation, I remember thinking: “Wow, how lucky she was, to have had a personal experience like that. She found her spark through Hindu guidance and meditation; I wish I could find something that would work for me!” When I mentioned book to some women at my church, I was shocked at the reaction one woman had. She warned me that the book was dangerous, that the woman was following a path of evil, because she too, had been raised Christian, but had begun to walk a different path. She finished by locking me in a fixed stare and saying: “Jesus is the one true savior. You know that. Right?”

I nodded, to keep the peace, but inside, I was so confused. The Hindu religion was a peaceful, legitimate belief system, with many followers. How could so many people be wrong? And that’s not to claim that people can’t make mistakes, but when it comes to religion, there is so much doubt. Anyone who commits to a faith, especially those who find a faith without being born into it, does a lot of soul searching. They learn about a belief, and they might test the waters to see if the faith speaks to them. And while nothing is perfect, any widely recognized religion that exists, exists because it has been able to stand up to scrutiny. Organized religion is a mass of variables, but behind religions are thousands of people who are well-learned and accepting of the doctrine. And she had found a religion that spoke to her; surely connection to a higher power of any kind is a good thing? How could anyone condemn that experience, and write it off as a false god, or a path of evil?

I have since come to the conclusion that all Gods are one. I read somewhere that God does not care what you call Him, as long as you call Him. This rings so true to me. I find it very sad when I hear people born Christian that are now atheists, because they carried similar beliefs as me, which simply did not have a place among Christian teachings. And because that belief system did not suit them, they gave up belief altogether. And I’m not saying that Deity is supposed to align with what we want. But different religions exist because people have different views on what God is, and our personal beliefs should align with a belief system.

As a Christian, I was told that Jesus was savior. I could not believe that, it didn’t ring true with me. And there was no good in pretending to believe something that I could not accept in my heart; we cannot force ourselves to believe in something, we either do, or don’t. Therefore if one particular belief system does not “click”, search for something that does. Religions are many, and diverse. Religion should be a reflection of what you already believe. How else can you put your faith in something that cannot be proven?

There are many different types of people in this world (and thank goodness! Without diversity, we would be a boring human race!) . There are introverts and extroverts, athletes and bookworms, liberals and conservatives. Not everyone thinks quite the same way. So why shouldn’t there be different religions?

I believe everyone should explore, to find what suits him or her. There is no conviction without question. And it would be stifling to proclaim yourself a practitioner of a certain faith simply because others around you believe that! You always hear it said: “Be yourself, ” and “If everyone else were jumping off a bridge, would you?” But you never hear those things when it comes to faith; it seems everyone is telling you what to believe, telling you that it’s the only true way, the only right thing to believe.

I mean, belief is a personal thing. Some people can relate to God as a stern, disciplinary father, who has strict concepts of right and wrong, do this and not that. Some people want a loving embrace that can accept them and forgive their sins. Some people can relate more to an ambiguous deity who leaves life a matter of free will. Some people believe in one God, and others believe in many. Even in Wicca, no two people believe the same thing. Some could envision many individual Gods and Goddesses from several different pantheons, another person may call only on the all-encompassing God and Goddess, and another person may call only on the One. To me, all beliefs are just different faces of the same power.

I was recently reading a book in which a very good analogy was brought up: a disco ball. “A sphere made up of many small mirrors, each of which is one named aspect of Deity, and together they compose the whole, the One.” (How to Become a Witch: The Path of Nature, Spirit and Magick by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K)

And to me this is true on a bigger scale as well. Each mirror, each religion and belief system is a facet of the same thing. Whichever one you look at, it’s just a different way to see the same thing. And I just don’t know how someone looking into one tiny mirror can tell someone looking at a mirror on the other side that they’re not looking at the disco ball the right way, or that what they’re seeing isn’t real because they’re not standing in a certain way, looking at it from a certain angle.

Man can never come close to understanding the divine; it is simply beyond our comprehension. We can only seek to understand. Much of any religion is man-made, anyway. Men, believing themselves to be divinely inspired, wrote all the Bible, Torah, and Qur’an. And I’m not saying those books didn’t contain divine truth to the men who wrote them. And there are of course many who believe those sacred holy books to contain the only real truth. But in any religion, you will find man at its roots, seeking only to find enlightenment in the way he believes is best. Likeminded individuals who agree join together to seek the truth together, and a religion is born.

Unless it wasn’t clear, I am not seeking to condemn any religion, or convert anyone. As I said before: I believe all Gods are one, and religions are just different ways to worship. Different methods for different people. I am merely calling you to think and question. Keep an open mind, and learn as much as you can. Find what works for you. I found my spark. I had my own religious experience. And I am happily following my own path.

And that is a part of why Wicca is so beautiful to me: we don’t seek to convert people, or claim that there is only one “right” God to follow, one “right” way to worship. Yes, some Traditions may claim their way has been around longer, or that only people who have been initiated in a certain way are legitimate, but for the most part we respect diversity, and we acknowledge that not everyone thinks the same way. In Wicca, not only do my wide views of religion as a whole fit in comfortably, but also there is a lot of freedom within the Wiccan faith to worship in a personal way. For those familiar with the geometric principle of fractals, having the freedom to choose which Gods and Goddesses speak to you is just the same as seeing which religious path speaks to you, but on a smaller and more specific scale.

The other point I would like to make is on the topic of science: when people of faith are not defending their beliefs from one another, they are defending their beliefs from the chiefly logical and scientifically minded who claim that the existence of deity is scientifically disproven. For me, the more I learn about the laws of physics which govern how our universe works and newly discovered wonders, the more validation I have that a higher power exists. Science and discovery reinforces the belief in a divine being (s) ; they do not disprove it.

Take Stephen Hawking’s theory for example. He said that a God could not have created the universe, because before the Big Bang, there was no time, space, or energy. He says that our entire universe exists deep within a giant black hole, and outside of that is nothing. This baffles me. If we even raise the question ‘Could a God have caused the Big Bang’ only to dismiss it because time did not exist? Ridiculous! It seems to me that if we even acknowledge that a God could conceivably have had the power to create and trigger the beginning of our universe, if only there had been time to do so… I can’t even finish that sentence.

If a God has the power to create the universe, then I don’t think little nuances like lack of the vector of time could stand in his or her way. Anyway, if we buy into the multiverse theory, or even acknowledge that outside our universe there is a timeless void (which Hawking’s black hole theory suggests) , then I believe that something ageless could very well exist there. Whether you want to call it heaven, Summerland, or simply acknowledge it as a place between worlds and out of time, some separate plane of existence other than ours, many scientists agree that it exists. Our universe is ever expanding, and we don’t know the half of what’s out there.

And in Wicca, especially, no part of our philosophy contradicts proven science. We revere what is natural and easily observed: the path of the moon across the sky, the turning wheel of the seasons, the growth of crops and the harvest, etc. And as for the magickal element, we are only manipulating the natural energies that exist on earth to produce results. (At the root of Wicca is ‘wic’ which suggests ‘to bend’ as in wicker chair. In Swedish, ‘wika’ literally translates as ‘to bend’) . (Simple Magic by Michele Morgan)

A mundane example is food: food is a natural product of the harvest and hunt on earth, which turns to energy in our bodies. And because it is natural and life-sustaining, it is sacred, and we give thanks for the sustenance. It is the same energy which comes in light and heat from the sun, and which helps plants grow. Although magick is thought of as supernatural, because it is certainly extraordinary, it is not above of or outside of the natural. It brings about physical effects, and can be measured. Just because other parts of religion, like the existence of heaven or God, cannot be measured yet, it does not mean they do not exist.

Atoms and quanta existed even in the Stone Age, although the people living then were totally unaware of them and could not have measured or even understood them. Perhaps, in the same way, we simply do not have the means (or the imagination) to discover some of these things yet. To believe that everything that exists has already been found and understood would be the ultimate arrogance and stupidity.

In summary, I guess I’m just saying that when rational minds say that a supernatural design cannot exist in an increasingly scientific world, I completely agree. The supernatural does not exist. But something which is a part of the universe just as we are, something natural yet much grander than us…? Yes, I believe that exists, whether it is “out there”, or more simply, alive and sustained in every living thing on earth.

I hope that I have given you something to think about, and some ways to defend our faith to those who would seek to convert us or discredit us, be they missionaries of other faiths or the scientifically minded.

Blessed Be.

“How to Become a Witch: The Path of Nature, Spirit and Magick” by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K

“Simple Magic” by Michele Morgan

The Dark Side of the Water Witch

The Dark Side of the Water Witch

Water rules the emotions, and the Water Witch has a predisposition to think with the heart and not the head. As she is devoted to water, she believes wholeheartedly that a tiger can change its strips by virtue of cleansing away the negative. She will give a second chance in the case of an innocent mistake. However, if crossed intentionally, the Water Witch will hold a grudge until the end of time. She is a wall builder and will not hesitate to block out anyone who deserves it. Her code of justice is so strict that she often entertain notions of revenge. She is known to overdo it in these matters.

In personal matters, the Water Witch’s intuition does not function at its fullest capacity. She can be quick to assume a slight was intended by an innocent remark and operate strictly on that notion, regardless of its truthfulness. Unfortunately, once this happens the Water Witch can muddy her own waters.

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Three

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Three


Stage 3: Raising or increasing the power

This is the most active and powerful part of the spell, and involves building up the speed and intensity of the action you started in stage 2.

Raising the power is especially easy out of doors as you connect, especially if barefoot or wearing thin-soled shoes, with the natural spiraling energies or straighter ley flows beneath the earth.

Grass or sand near a river or seashore is also energized by the water flow, especially around the week of the new and full moons. On a safe beach you can dance through the shallows.

There are many ways of raising power, limited only by your imagination. When working alone and in a potent natural setting, perhaps at a power time like sunrise, you will sing, away or move quite without prompting or run along the beach or through long grass round in circles or spirals like a dog let off the leash. Watch children playing for inspiration.

Most effective is a combination of words or sound and movement in such a way that your conscious mind is carried along by the power, like riding a carousel when everything blues except for the music. The purpose of this stage is not only to empower the symbol but also to empower yourself, since you are the vehicle to carry the magickal energies from the thought (mental) and spiritual (astral) planes to actuality (earth). This is the same process used by shamans to trigger their out-of-body or out-of-everyday consciousness.

Enchant the symbol with a pair of lighted incense sticks, one held in each hand, a few centimeters/an inch above the symbol. Move the right one clockwise and the left on anticlockwise. Move them faster and faster and chant faster and faster in order to draw in all four elemental powers.

Increase the speed and intensity so the incense sticks cross and uncross over the symbol. As you move the sticks rhythmically, recite your elemental chant continuously.

Alternatively you can move your wand clockwise in flourishes or a spiral, a smudge stick in your power hand in huge circles allowing it to dictate its own pathway and shapes. You can move the other hand anticlockwise in rhythm if you want.

A very simple chant is:

Air, water, fire earth,

Bring, I ask, this wish to birth.


You can continue over and over again at increasing intensity and speed, adding variants or weaving your own simple four- or five-word chants, around the natural surroundings and the elemental associations.

Other spells chant include goddess names, the most popular being Isis, Astarte (Ass tart-ay), Diana, Hecate (Hekart tay), Demeter (Dem eat-er), Kali (Karly) and Innana (In-arn-a).

Isis is the Ancient Egyptian mother Goddess; Astarte is the supreme female divinity of the Phoenicians, Goddess of love and fertility, associate with the moon and all nature; Diana, the Graeco-Roman Goddess of the moon and hunt and queen of the witches; Hecate, the Ancient Greek Crone Goddess of the underworld and waning moon; Demeter, the Ancient Gree Corn mother; Kali, the Hindu creatrix/destroyer Goddess and Innana, the Sumerian fertility Queen of Heaven and Earth Goddess in the Middle East area of modern Iraq. Feel free to substitute your own goddesses/gods.

You could instead move round and round the altar or circle, chanting and clapping, while stepping, stamping or whirling and twirling. Sufi spiritual whirling dancing has been eagerly adopted by the New Age as a way of altering consciousness. Trust your feet to follow the spirals of the Earth energies.

You can add the beat of a hand drum using your hand or a striker or use a tambourine. We can all play these, without training or a natural ear for more formal music. Just let your hands and feet set the beat and if you chant along they all harmonize. The simpler and more repetitive words and actions, the better.

Move and chant until you feel that the power has reached its height, like revving a car with the hand brake on or a plane whose wheels are starting to life off the tarmac.

Through visualization, individuals and groups can create a cone of power with the circle as the base, picturing a mass of stars or swirls of rainbow light collecting a light cone above you. Imagine the cone getting higher and brighter as the apex gets taller and the cone denser with rainbow light. As you swirl you may even see it.

When the psychic power peaks in intensity it is released through the apex as shooting stars. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a firework display.

Calendar of the Sun for January 30

Calendar of the Sun
30 Wolfmonath

Day of Pax

Color: White
Element: Air
Altar: The same as yesterday’s Concordia ritual, except with a cup of clear water instead of milk.
Offerings: Work for peace, in the home or outside of it.
Daily Meal: Fasting today, in honor of those who are caught in war.

Pax Invocation

Peace is not an easy thing to maintain.
It is not strong; it falls away
With an upraised hand or an angry word.
It is an act of constant balance.
It is true that there is peace in solitude,
If the cacophony of the mind will allow it,
But it is no true peace if the mere voice of another
Can so easily destroy it, like a child’s paper castle.
Peace must be achieved within the group of voices
Or it may as well be a mere pastime.
Peace must be more than a sanctuary;
It must be the work of every hand.
And yet it cannot be kept by force,
But it can only be achieved by understanding.
True peace does not come after victory,
For victory requires one to win and one to lose,
And a true peace can only be found between equals.
Therefore, we honor you, Pax, delicate bird
That we must protect and sustain with our strength.

(The clear water is poured out as a libation. All sit in silence and meditate on peace, and then go. There can be discussions today, but all who disagree must go into the discussions ready and willing to make peace, and see beyond their differences.)