I be darned if I take another day off……

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Good Saturday Morning, my luvs! Did you miss me? Sorry about that! Most of the time I try to give notice when I take a day off. But yesterday was sort of an impromptu day off. And boy, if I take another one off, I hope someone turns me into a jackass (you notice no “lol!”). I won’t go into details because I will just get mad again but it had to do with my lazy husband. Today is peaceful and I am going to let sleeping dogs lay for now, “for now!” Things are always subject to change, lol!

Anyway, I hope you missed me because I missed you. I missed the peace and quiet of the internet. All my sweet and loving friends, all the peace and quiet of the internet, did I mention that already, lol! But it great to be back. It is funny, it seems like you miss just a day, it seems like you have been gone a week or two. So before time gets away from me anymore, I am going to get busy. 

Have a super fantastic day!

Love ya,

Lady A