The Witches Spell for February 5th: Relief of Bad Luck & Problems

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The Witches Magick for February 5th

For Relief of Bad Luck & Problems

(safe Hoodoo magick)

In black ink make a list of all of your problems you wish to be relieved of. Each day for 13 days in a row burn one black 6’ ritual candle with “Go Away Now” carved on each. Dress (rubbed on the candle pointing away from you) each candle with Hot Foot or Get Gone Oil and burn on top of your problem list. Each day as the candle burns for 13 minutes in a row read Psalms 7 over and over again and pray that your bad luck be sent away from you. On the 13th day after the candle has burned wrap the paper with all the candle wax upon it in a black cloth and leave it in a cemetary. Be sure to leave a handful of change to pay the cemetary spirits for keeping your problems for you. For seven days there after bath in a cleansing bath. Do not towel dry off. Let yourself draw naturally.

Blessed Wednesday Morning, my dear family & friends! What’s UP?


Good Wednesday Morning, dear family & friends! How is everyone doing today? I hope absolutely fabulous! Me, well let’s see, I guess I owe you an explanation for us not being on the net yesterday. And oh boy, it is a good one too! I actually beat everyone to work yesterday morning. I came in and turned the heat on in the office part. Then I went to check on the critters outside.  Well I walked down the path a little bit and something told me to turn around. I did and there was smoke rolling out of the roof. My first thought, “oh shit!” I went flying back up the hill and into the back door. The damn furnace we have been having problems with was on fire. The first thing I did was throw the breaker. The next thing was to grab and blanket and call 911 at the same time. I was beating the fire with the blanket and screaming at the phone operator. I am surprised the Fire Department even found me (probably wouldn’t have, but they had been out here before!).  In the meantime, one of the guys came in and he saw what was going on. He went up to the main office and got the fire extinguisher. But he didn’t use the fire extinguisher on the heater he used it on me. Part of my pants were on fire and I didn’t even notice it. Between him putting me out and then me putting the heater out, the fire was out by the time the fire department got here. Doesn’t it figure? Anyway they checked out everything to make sure there wasn’t any hidden fire lurking about. They gave the all clear signal and we went back in. Thank goodness, we didn’t have any babies in the back. We opened all the windows and doors and let the smoke get out of the place.  The guy that helped put my pants out called my husband and he came down. I didn’t know he had called him. But he had his reasons for doing so. I have second degree burns on my arm and part of my leg.  So they threw a fit for me to go to the hospital. I said “bullsh*t!” Well I ended up going anyway. They didn’t do anything except tell me to keep the burns nice and clean and be careful not rupture the boils. Like I didn’t know that already, lol!

Before I left with my husband, I told all the girls to take the day off. And the main man that is over the animal refuge told me to take the day off. He would take care of the office building and the animals. The office still stinks today. But the Fire department did tell me, they have something they can spray throughout a building and it gets rid of the smoke smell. I got a super odor eater incense recipe around here somewhere. I will have to track that down today. But that is why we weren’t on the net yesterday. We were just having balls of fun around here as usual. But I guess that is what you get when you buy an old building. We are in the process of fixing it up but I think now it is going to burn down before we get it fixed up. If it ain’t one thing, it is another. I swear!

Have a super Wednesday, my sweeties!

Luv & Hugs,

The Old Firebug Herself, Lady A


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Feng Shui Tip for October 9: ‘The Great Chicago Fire’

In 1871 ‘The Great Chicago Fire’ raged through that city for more than 30 hours straight. This tragic event gave birth to this ‘National Fire Prevention Week’ and that falls right in line with today’s ‘Fire Prevention Day’ energies. Both of these occasions provide annual informational and instructional events. Part of this info explains the different categories of burns. Burns are categorized in degrees that elevate in severity. First degree burns damage the first layer of the epidermis, while second degree burns damage the first and second layers. These burns can blister and become severely infected. Third degree burns are the most serious and demand immediate professional care. But while you are waiting for help, try to get the affected area under cold, gently running water. Carefully cover the burn with a clean cloth until you are in qualified hands. For lesser burns try putting mushroom slices on the affected area. Alternative therapies tell that fungus can actually help heal a burn. And now one of my personal favorites — for burned fingertips, simply hold your ear lobe by placing your thumb on the backside of the lobe and the burned tip (or tips) on the front. Keep them there for a full minute and, voila, no more burn! But just to be on the safe side, always seek out qualified care for any kind of skin burns and blisters.

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