The Witches Spell for February 5th: Relief of Bad Luck & Problems

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The Witches Magick for February 5th

For Relief of Bad Luck & Problems

(safe Hoodoo magick)

In black ink make a list of all of your problems you wish to be relieved of. Each day for 13 days in a row burn one black 6’ ritual candle with “Go Away Now” carved on each. Dress (rubbed on the candle pointing away from you) each candle with Hot Foot or Get Gone Oil and burn on top of your problem list. Each day as the candle burns for 13 minutes in a row read Psalms 7 over and over again and pray that your bad luck be sent away from you. On the 13th day after the candle has burned wrap the paper with all the candle wax upon it in a black cloth and leave it in a cemetary. Be sure to leave a handful of change to pay the cemetary spirits for keeping your problems for you. For seven days there after bath in a cleansing bath. Do not towel dry off. Let yourself draw naturally.

One thought on “The Witches Spell for February 5th: Relief of Bad Luck & Problems

  1. I have a question about this spell (Relief Of Bad Luck & Problems) Where do I leave the remains,I don’t want any spirit haunting me for disturbing them.Do I leave them in the entrance of the cemetery w/ the handful change.With this spell can I help a family member,she don’t know I’m doing this.Nobody knows that Iam dealing with the craft.(I’am a beginner)Excuse the red lines,I just got this new computer yesterday,and my husband got it working while I was at work.Please help me?


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