A Thought for Today

Today is a strange one I started posting after 4 1/2 hours sleep and made it through the regular daily posts without a mistake for a change. Keep in mind I post for two days ahead of the northern hemisphere’s current date. In other words, I am doing Tuesday’s posts on Sunday. Yes, it does get very confusing sometimes especially if I do not plan ahead for a day off.

This is the last post for today which I am really grateful I am done. My plan for today is to take a shower and go back to bed for some much-needed sleep. Without enough sleep not only a I grumpy all day I can send myself into a fibromyalgia flare. Since the one I have been going through for most of the summer and all of the fall so far was finally getting under control so definitely I do not want to go back into a super flare.

Until tomorrow dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may your life be blessed with all things positive! 

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