Developing your Spiritual Abilities? What are the “Clairs”?

When a person begins to awaken to their true self and divine potential, spiritual or psychic gifts will begin to emerge and develop.

Here is some information about the different kinds of ‘Clairs’ that describe some of these abilities and a few tips to help you practice.

‘Clair’ is from the French language and means ‘clear’. There are a number of ‘Clairs’ that we all have the ability to use.


The term we all recognise the most is clairvoyance. ‘Voyance’ means ‘vision’, so clairvoyance means clear vision.

A psychic vision is a term used to describe the way that those who are clairvoyant receive messages from Spirit. It usually begins with very short periods of ‘seeing’ things.

It is possible you may be able to see a ‘picture’ and the more you develop this gift the more detailed the vision will be and the length of time you will ‘see’ it will also increase.


Clairaudience means clear hearing.

Clairaudience may start when you are very young or during meditation. You may hear a voice speaking to you, or you may hear other sounds, such as music. Spirit plays me songs all the time!

This may be your guides or other…

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