A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic

  1. Light any of these aromas Carnation, Honeysuckle, Jasmin, Mint, Rose, Strawberry or Vervain in an incense stick, burner, or essential oils diffuser to tune into Taurus’ energies.
  2. Use the following chant to call upon the qualities of the bull:

    “I persistently move in the direction of my goal.
    I am practical, independent, and devoted as a bull”

  3. Light a blue or yellow candle on your altar. These colors represent clarity and harmony. If you don’t have colored candles, use a white one instead.
  4. Take a piece of paper and draw a circle. Outside the circle, write everything that is not a priority for you anymore. Last Quarter Moon brings an opportunity to tie up all loose ends. If you think it’s time to quit an activity that is draining you, write it outside the circle. Visualize yourself closing that chapter. Have you let anyone in your life that you wish would go away? Write their name outside the circle. It’s time to work on cleaning up the clutter. Has someone been bothering you? Write their name outside the circle. Be firm and draw your boundaries with them.
  5. The following gemstones are especially receptive on Fridays: Rose quartz, Aventurine, Emerald, Jade, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot. Place the crystal on your altar next to your candle.
  6. When you have written down everything that you want to let go, light the paper using the candle flame and let it burn safely inside your cauldron, an ashtray, or any fireproof container.

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