We hate to leave good company but…….

We were notified by the water company last week that they would be flushing out the system in our area today. Basically it means they go around and open up all the fire plugs and let the water fly. When they do that, somehow the houses in that area’s water flow just stops. In other words, within 15 minutes we will be without water for a few hours while they flush the system. And when they flush the system, we can’t flush the toilets. We have a few ladies that have an upset stomach and they have been in the bathroom quite a bit this morning. So I don’t believe we really want to stay here if we have no water.

So with that in mind, we are going to run and hopefully tomorrow will be a normal dayl I would also like to remind you to remember the Elder ladies that desperate need our help to keep their power on. We only like a little bit and we will be able to pay their utility bill. Remember these ladies are 82 and 84 years old, they can’t afford to go without heat. They shouldn’t have to go without heat. No matter what you can give, it will be deeply apppreciate. Every nickel, dime, penny adds up. So if you can give anything to help these ladies out, they would appreciate and I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Till tomorrow…..

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss