Happy President’s Day To All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters Of The Craft!

Thank You #32
Good morning, my sweets! It is Monday, February 18th, Presidents’ Day! Since it is Monday morning, I will ask you, do you want the good news first or the bad news first? Really there is no bad news, basically everything is lovely and I have a lot of thank you notes to write. Even though we have received a lot of donations, we are still $100 short on helping the two elderly Pagan sisters out I told you about yesterday. We are close enough to pay their entire electricity bill through the month of March. I figure if we get it paid through March, warmer months will be here and their light bill will not be that outrageous. I am hoping and praying with all my heart that the light company is closed today so we can come up with the rest of the money to pay these lovely ladies’ bill. So you will have to forgive me today, I think most of you know me well enough, that you know when I get on a certain topic, I am worse than a dog with a bone. With that said, after each post today will be a donate button to finish out the remaining balance of these ladies’ light bill. I also figure that if we are able to pay their light bill through March that they will have enough income to buy groceries with. That is one worry that is always on my mind with these two women, that they have enough to eat. I know when people get older they forget to eat at times or don’t have the money to buy the food needed because of medicine. We get their light bill paid, I know they will have the money themselves to at least feed themselves. That will be one worry off my mind anyway. Like I said, please forgive but I am that dog after the bone, there will be donate buttons on each post today. I figure there might still be some that would like to donate but didn’t have the funds or know where to donate at. Today, it will be easily accessible. Thank you to all of you who have donated so far, it means the world to me and I know it will certainly mean the world to these two sisters.

I was talking to Lady Beltane this morning. She called to see if I had needed the funds raised yet for the two sisters. We got to talking and after we hung up, I got angry. Don’t get me wrong, it was not at Lady B at all, it was at the light company. I honestly believe by the time this whole mess is over with I will be in jail. I mean seriously the more I think about it, the madder I get. I told you I looked up the laws in regards to disconnecting people’s lights. I read them to the supervisor and that b*tch told me, “they didn’t matter to them, they were a Co-Op and they could do what they wanted.” Just who the heck do these people think they are. Seriously, they are above the law. I don’t think so and I be darned if they aren’t going to find that out. I wrote the Country Judge, the County Attorney and the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Attorney General in regards to this matter. I told them that we have a Co-Op that thinks the law does not apply to them. I have already heard back from the State’s Attorney. He was very curious as to why the laws wouldn’t apply to this power company. He gave me his word that he would contact them. What the outcome will be who knows. Hell, they might come out and cut our power off next for making such a stink. But I really don’t care. If the power company thinks it is above the law then I seriously believe it should be taken down a notch or two. I plan on going to their next meeting since I am a member and supposedly part owner in the company. That is the way the Co-Ops work around here. You live in the area, you are a member(whether you like it or not) and part owner. Another topic I am going to bring up is as members we are suppose to get a check from the Co-Op every year. This check is suppose to be dividends the company has earned throughout the year. They are suppose to given its members a share of those dividends by check. I talked to several of our neighbors out here and even the Post Master and asked them if they had ever received a check from the power company. Their answer was the same as ours, NO! Half of them didn’t even know we were suppose to receive a check from the power company. Guess what, those people want to know where those checks are and they have also agreed to go to the meeting with me. It ought to be one heck of a meeting. As we like to say around here, “the fur is goin’ fly.”

The very idea of shutting off two elder women’s power in the middle of Winter has got my dandruff up bad. As if I need anything else to get my dandruff up these days. All I would like to see us do is raise the last $100 so we can get these dear ladies power bill paid through March. Then I will leave you alone, I promise. I guess I have been calling these ladies by the wrong name, they are Elders in our Pagan community. As Elders, I know personally, I feel like I owe them something. They have did so much for the local community during their lifetime. I guess knowing them personally even makes it more important to me that we try to help them as best we can.

When you see the donation button, please don’t get angry with me or upset. I just feel obligated to do something for these women. They have been a mentor to me and numerous other witches over the years. They have been a great asset to the Pagan community and to see them go without heat, I can’t stomach the thought. They have done so much and asked for so little. I believe we should treat our Elders with respect and honor them as they should be. We owe them so much. I know personally, I have learned a great deal from these two Elders. I would like to try and pay them back anyway I can.

Now if I don’t stop talking, we won’t get anything done today. I just wanted to tell you the good news and also let you know why you would be seeing donate buttons today. We are so close and like that old dog with a bone, I can’t quit till I have that bone. Now I am off to work.

Happy President’s Day, my precious family,

Love ya,

Lady A