Spirit Message of the Day – Be Grace-full

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Spirit Message of the Day – Be Grace-full

“Being ungrateful is one of the greatest acts of self-centeredness. It’s important for one to recognize that it’s a behavior to be avoided at all costs. Being grateful for everything you have makes you a better person, and it makes others happy to be around you.” Acknowledge what you feel grateful for silently and out loud to your friends and loved ones. Appreciate the gifts people give you each and every day whether tangible or not. Realize the power of grace. Allow your life, your thoughts, your words, and your deeds to be full of grace.


Step 1
Make gratitude part of your daily life. Recognizing others for what they have done for you, even the small acts of kindness, is necessary even when the person is family or a close friend.
Step 2
Say “Thank You” for every act of kindness received. It’s so simple to say and yet so often taken for granted. It’s especially true when it comes to your own family members.
Step 3
Express your gratitude and appreciation often. Take the time to write a note or send an email even if you already said thank you. Send a gift to show your appreciation for someone’s help.
Step 4
Look for opportunities to reciprocate favors as soon as possible.Be observant and give service instead of asking if help is needed.
Step 5
Count your blessings instead of wishing for more and moping about what you don’t have. Write down a list of things you are grateful for and you will be amazed at what you have to be grateful for. Experiencing gratitude is closely tied to being happy.
Step 6
Provide ways to support others who are less fortunate. You never know when the tables might be turned one day.
Becoming the type of person that is grateful for life is essential to a fulfilled and happy life. Things you’ll need: An open attitude and realization of the goodness of life.


Step 1
Notice the small things. There are small things about life that you can be grateful for at this moment. The air you are breathing, this is a major one. Breathe in the air and realize being allowed to have air is an amazing feeling. Don’t take this for granted. Also the water you consume be grateful for this as well. This is essential to life.
Step 2
Form a list everyday. Make a list of the things in nature that you are grateful for and gradually provide reasons and feeling why you are grateful for them. As you build this list you will feel very empowered. This gratitude list will help you on you life journey. Remember to put things here you feel grateful for.
Step 3
Be grateful for life. There are many things to be grateful for on the material level. A roof over your head, your car, your clothes etc. But what I want to point out here is there is a second level of gratitude that is more powerful than the material. This second level is being grateful for life. This is being grateful for life experiences, trees, air, friendships, close relationships. These are more powerful because they have a feeling attached to them. This makes it more real and authentic to you and the universe.


Excerpts taken from www.ehow.com
Originally Published on SpiritBlogger’s Blog