On Sunday, February 10, We Celebrate….

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On Sunday, February 10, We Celebrate….

Argungu (Nigeria)


Themes: Providence; Blessing; Luck; Fertility

Symbols: Fish; the Color Blue; the Crescent Moon

About Yemaja: Yemaja, the Nigerian goddess of flowing water, bears a name that literally means “fish mother”! As such, Yemaja generates providence and fertility, especially on the physical plane. In legends she gave birth to eleven deities, the sun, the moon, and two streams of water that formed a lake. In art she’s often shown as a mermaid or a crescent moon, and her favorite color is blue.

To Do Today: The theme for the day is definitely fishy. Not surprisingly, new year festivities in Nigeria mark the beginning of the fishing season. Having a teeming net today portends prosperity for the rest of the season. So, what is it that you hope to catch today? Cast out your spiritual line to Yemaja for help in meeting or exceeding any goal.

To bite into a little luck, follow the example of Nigerian children. They make candies in fish shapes before this event, then dunk for them. The one to retrieve the most gets the most good fortune. Check out your local supermarket’s bulk candy section. Ours carries gummy fish that work very well for this activity. Consider including some type of fish in your menu today (even canned tuna will do the trick). Eat it to internalize good luck and a little of Yemaja’s blessings.


–365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco