Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 25

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 25

By Kelli Fox



March 21- April 19

At the moment, your words are as bright and vivacious as your personality. You’re backing your solid convictions with vivid descriptions, and everyone is listening. They’re looking to you for answers, because they recognise you as one of the sharpest minds in the room — and one of the most innovative. That’s a good thing, too, because today, you’re all about telling rather than showing. Is this out of laziness? Probably not, but even if it were, no one would mind. They’re just happy someone’s providing guidance and inspiration.


It’s still okay to be proud. Pride can help define who you are. Don’t become stuck up, though. Don’t delude or spoil yourself. Maybe there’s no one exactly like you, but that doesn’t make you better than everyone else. Today could easily rob you of what you so vainly possess, if you go around challenging other people’s pride. Watch out. Don’t confuse the present with the past. Stop reacting to things that happened long ago. Keep your personal history in its box and keep your senses in the moment.


May 21-June 21

You’re a dynamic presence but a casual player, and that’s exactly how it should be. Because why waste any of this good energy on stupid formalities when you could be thinking outside the box and capturing a much bigger audience? Yes, you might be having the time of your life with whatever it is you do best, but you ought to have a plan for locking it into your future, too. So if you want to get things started, put your effort where it will matter today.


June 22-July 22

You’ve always had a special connection with the past and taken the teachings of tradition to heart. The old ways still impress sentimental you, especially now, as past lessons come back to you. Now, more than ever, you understand why you live by the values and routines you do. In some meaningful way, things you’ve always taken for granted now come true, and you’re able to wow everyone with all the things they’ve forgotten in their own lives and hearts. Later, it’ll be on to something new again, including testing the boundaries.


July 23-August 22

Once it was an act of courage to stand alone. All of a sudden, independence is elegant and sexy. Hey, personal freedom is the new black! It looks good on everyone. Do what you want, go wherever you feel like going, and let others think what they will. But even as you cultivate that air of mystery, don’t isolate yourself. You can’t keep them guessing forever. Today is bristling with possibilities, and if you hope to rub up against some of these things, you need to make yourself available. You could start something, and then nothing could stop you.


August 23-September 22

Take today off for some mental hygiene. You’ve been really pushing forward on something — but now it’s time to take a little breather. Let your iron cool off for a couple of days, and limit yourself to thinking and doing only what comes easily. You deserve a break, Virgo, and your whole life will benefit from your refreshed perspective. In a few days, you can jump back into the fray and really get something accomplished.


September 23-October 22

High spirits will lead you on. Solid beliefs will keep your head from getting too far ahead of your feet. Can you see the balance and symmetry of it all? Also notice that your goal will start looking a lot closer today. As much as you approve of how you’re doing now, don’t let your ambitions and desires eclipse your friendships. Your companions are part of this whole adventure, too, and they deserve their share of the light and heat you’ll be putting out. Success is always sweeter when you can share it.


October 23 – November 22

Today you’ll be skeptical and impatient. You’ll try to get a laugh at other people’s expense, and it’ll just make things even worse if you end up laughing alone. You’ll try to guide development and growth with an iron hand, making rules no one else ever heard of. Forget that — it won’t work. Even if you wrapped it in a velvet glove, you’d still have a hard sell. Bottom line? Brute force isn’t an option no matter how you dress it up. Try compromise instead.


November 23-December 20

You’re in charge today. Why? Because everyone’s responding to your high spirits and broad-minded outlook. They all want a piece of what you seem to represent, and boy, do you make it look attractive. Watch, though, that no one takes you for granted. If someone tries to take advantage of the fact that you’re so ready for anything, simply take a moment to redraw your boundaries. You have a knack for it today, Sagittarius, and you can do it in a lighthearted way that offends no one.


December 21-January 19

Everyone knows how smart you are, so don’t think you need to prove it all over again by being pigheaded about your point of view. Getting stuck in one perspective won’t help anyone, and you could look like a snob to people you like and respect. Isn’t it better to agree to disagree, at least today? You know other people’s ideas are just as valid as your own. Take some time to keep reviewing the facts and going over your options. You can make figuring things out a team effort.


January 20-February 18

You’re in an unusual mood, aren’t you? Pepped up, zingy — maybe even a little romantic. You know how to charm both your admirers and your admire-ees. But making people laugh isn’t enough, even if you bring every ounce of your creativity to your stories — and even if you enjoy being centre stage, for once. Don’t you want to go a little deeper than that? Pursue a real connection, whether it’s a romantic connection or just an intimate bond with someone you deeply love. Don’t stay surface-level – you’ll short-change yourself.


February 19-March 20

If you do things in a slapdash way, you’re inviting interference, and that’s a good thing to remember today. After all, other people aren’t really acting out of pity. Maybe they have their own agendas, or maybe they aren’t seeing things correctly. Either way, any local mistakes could easily have global consequences. You’re all too aware of that fact — still, don’t let anxiety affect your health. Relax, take deep breaths, and trust your instincts. They’ve always been a good navigation system, and once again they’ll guide you through this tricky period.


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Your Karmic Forecast for the Week of December 23 – 29

Weekly Forecast: December 23– 29, 2018

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

Weekly Forecast: December 23 – December 29, 2018

12/24 ~ Mercury (communication) ~square~ Neptune (dissolution):

This is a mixed blessing energy. On one hand, it’s good for spiritual study and giving your dreams a little energy (if your schedule permits). On the other hand, it makes for major miscommunications between people. Try to think before speaking, because if it’s possible to misunderstand or not ‘get it’ altogether, it will happen this week. Be careful not to let “longing” for your dreams to come true, distort your judgment and mislead you into believing the illusion. With this energy, some people will deliberately deceive and others have to be careful not to be misled. Stick to the facts or stay quiet, for now. You may even be inclined to withhold information to avoid a confrontation – don’t do it. Communicate with your Self and God today, otherwise plan to be very clear in explaining yourself to others (humans) so there are no misunderstandings.

12/28 ~ Venus (relationships) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):

This energy deepens all emotions and strengthens bonds & attachments. Friendships & love relationships become much deeper and, sometimes more intense, not to mention any physical (sexual) experience. Being fake or superficial is never possible when Pluto is involved, and because Venus is involved, we’re talking relationships or how you relate in general, so if you are needing to dig a little deeper with someone, you are supported. This energy can facilitate positive transformation in your relationships, partnerships or collaborations. It will give you added power to help you change what needs changing or at least get it on the table for deeper discussion or a clearing conversation. Your emotional intensity may be at an unusually high level, so be sure to surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally or try to be alone and just reflect on what you’re feeling.

Calendar of the Sun for December 25 & December 26th

Calendar of the Sun 
25 Yulmonath 


Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red place swords, spears, shields, five red candles, a chalice of wine, and the figure of a sun.
Offerings: Beef and wine.
Daily Meal: Beef and wine.

Invocation to Mithras

Hail Mithras, The Unconquered Sun!
Hail to you whose birthday we celebrate
On this your ancient holiday!
Son of Anahita the pure virgin mother,
You who appeared in a golden glow
On the peak of the Hara Berezaiti,
Saxigenus, born from the stone of the Earth,
Striking fire from the stones,
Bringing the stars like sparks to the dome of the heavens.
Saturn held out to you the dagger of death
And you slew the Great Bull, bathed in his blood,
And so purified the world below.
Witnessed by Oceanus and Caeulus,
Witnessed by Cautes and Cautopates,
Torchbearer, Light-Bringer,
Warrior and Soldier who blesses the troops,
Bright Sun and Black Raven,
Consecrated in the Taurobolium,
Creator of the Mysteries of your Name,
Running in the wake of the Sun Chariot,
Mithras, Unconquered Sun, bless us
With brightness in this time of the dark.

Chant: Genitor Luminis
Deus Genitor Rupe Natus
Transitus Dei

Song: Hymn to Mithras

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun 
26 Yulmonath 

Day of Horus 

Colors: Red, Gold, and Blue
Elements: Air and Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red, gold, or blue place a cup of beer, feathers, incense of frankincense, two torches, and a figure of Horus.
Offerings: Look at something from a new perspective.
Daily Meal: Poultry, lentils, flatbread, dates, figs, and beer.

Invocation to Horus

Hail, Hawk of the Sun,
Son of Isis and Osiris,
Avenger of the murdering Set,
You are the sharp glance of objectivity
And the long view of illumination!
We who are earthbound
Sing your praises.
You who see all from afar,
You who swoop on your prey
With unerring aim,
Help us to learn the skill
Of that much focus,
That much concentration
To the blotting out
Of all insignificances.
Hail, Hawk of the Sun!
We who are earthbound
Follow your track across the sky
With every inch of our sight.

Chant: Heru Heru
En ka eny sen

(The beer is poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]



At 5:28 p.m. PST on January 5, 2019, the new moon will be in Capricorn.

When you’ve got something to accomplish in the short-term (say, the next thirty days), starting at the new moon is always your best bet.

Fortunately, if you’re feeling really ambitious — we’re talking one-year, five-year, even ten-year plans — the new moon in Capricorn is your moment!



As this new moon arrives at the height of New Year’s season of resolutions, we find ourselves looking at the big picture and thinking long-term. On an energetic level, you could even say this new moon is the real start of the New Year.

Still, the only way to reach the mountaintop is one step at a time. And fortunately, Capricorn is as methodical and organized as it is ambitious! No matter how monumental a task may seem, it can always be broken up into smaller, more manageable pieces — and this new moon helps us implement step-by-step processes to set ourselves up for success.

We know what you’re thinking: That sounds like a lot of work! But don’t worry — with taskmaster Saturn calling the shots at this new moon, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

Just remember what they say about “all work and no play” — Capricorn is notorious for its workaholic ways. And at this new moon, we’re a lot more likely to strive in solitude than to be a team player. It’s easy to develop tunnel vision, becoming so focused on our objectives that everyone and everything else is left out in the cold.

Yes, this new moon brings out the overachiever in all of us. But success is a marathon, not a sprint — so try to pace yourself. Keep taking one small step at a time, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve!





New Year’s resolutions are for amateurs — for you, Capricorn, self-improvement is business as usual. Still, there’s nothing like a new moon in your sign to push you to the next level, so you’ll definitely want to capitalize on this one! You’ve made a lot of progress in the past year — but where do you see yourself a year from now?


The spiritual journey isn’t just love and light, Aquarius; it’s also a lot of work. After all, if you really want to achieve enlightenment, you’ve got to know yourself — and sometimes that means taking a good, hard look at stuff you’d rather not see. This new moon is about holding yourself accountable and taking responsibility for your own growth.


Earth to Pisces! We know you’re happy in your own little world — but at this new moon, it’s time to rejoin the human race. With your head so often in the clouds, getting involved with a group or a cause can be a great way to keep your feet on the ground. Remember: teamwork makes the dream work.


We know you’ve got what it takes, Aries, but are you ready to do what it takes? Confidence and ambition are just the beginning — if you really want to succeed, you’ve got to be willing to work for it. This new moon challenges you to back up your bravado with diligence and discipline. It’s time to bring your A-game!


Doing the right thing just makes sense, Taurus. But figuring out the right thing to do isn’t always so simple — it helps to have some kind of code to live by. Fortunately, a few hard-earned life lessons have put you on solid moral and ethical ground. And this new moon supports you in continuing to take the high road.


It’s not easy keeping up with the Joneses, Gemini — and honestly, we’re not sure it’s worth the effort. True, a little friendly competition can be a powerful motivator. But if you’re constantly comparing yourself to others who seem to have it all, you’re not doing yourself any favors. At this new moon, the only one you have to compete with is yourself.


Who’s afraid of commitment? Not you, Cancer! You thrive on the safety, security, and structure a solid relationship can provide. Still, striking the right balance of strength and sensitivity can be a challenge — for you and your significant other.  It may take some time, but at this new moon in your opposite sign, you’re ready to work it out.


Like a boss, Leo: Wherever you are on the corporate ladder, that’s how you act at work. And hey — when you’re the best at what you do, who can blame you for walking around like you own the place? Still, at this new moon, it may be time for an attitude adjustment. After all, there’s always room for improvement. Try to stay humble.


Fun is no laughing matter, Virgo — for you, it’s serious business. So what better way to kick back and relax than by making a useful craft or mastering a cool new skill? This new moon is the perfect time to take up a new hobby (or two). Who knows? You might even turn it into a successful side hustle!


You make it look so easy, Libra. But the reality is, being everyone’s BFF takes a lot of work! And at the end of the day, you’ve got to have boundaries — no matter how nice you are. If yours aren’t being respected, this new moon challenges you to get more comfortable saying no…and really meaning it.


It’s not all black and white, Scorpio — no matter how much you’d like it to be. True, generalizations can be useful sometimes. But more often than not, they just get in the way of understanding and meaningful communication. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders; this new moon reminds you to use it responsibly.


Money isn’t everything, Sag. But for better or worse, it’s a fact of life — one that even idealists like you have to deal with. We know there’s a million things you’d rather do than balance your checkbook, but think of it this way: getting your finances in order at this new moon sets you up for future financial freedom!


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2018 was a year of transformation, with each planetary aspect pushing us closer to alignment with our higher purpose. Jupiter traveled through Scorpio, expanding our ability to dive deep into our psyches; Saturn was just getting warmed up on his journey through Capricorn, encouraging us to be more disciplined, responsible, and strategic about our lives; and we spent the summer with six planets in retrograde — all at the same time. Finally, Venus went retrograde which, for many, meant relational struggles.

So, if you’ve been looking forward to 2019 for months now, you’re not alone.  Twelve months without any romantic retrogrades — and a new moon to kick it all off — is one magnificent respite. If 2018 was a year of lessons learned, 2019 is a time of integration, and of fully embracing your own magic. Making your own magic is as simple as setting goals, tapping into the guidance and energy of the Universe, and then following its path of cues and synchronicities in the direction of your desires. It’s about being open, centered, and focused.

If you’re ready to welcome the New Year with reinvigorated energy, these five witchy rituals will serve as an initial spark.



Letting go of 2018’s turmoil is bound to be a tough feat, but staying stuck in the past does nothing to increase your inner light — all it does is breed more darkness. The time is right to let go of any emotions, beliefs, and energies that are holding you back. All it takes is three simple steps: clean, write, and release.

To begin, physically clean your body, and then your space. Get rid of the clutter; let go of anything that you don’t regularly use. The Universe loves to upgrade what you gave away. Next, make a list of anything you want to release into the Universe’s care, and don’t judge what comes up. If any feelings, patterns, habits, or even relationships feel unaligned with what you want to create in the coming year, write them down. Finally, break out the sage, Palo Santo, lavender, sweetgrass, frankincense, or whatever you favor for a smoky cleanse. Allow the smoke to swirl through your home, all while telling the Universe that you’re ready to release what no longer serves you.



If you don’t know your destination, any route could be the right one. While the prospect of endless possibilities can seem entirely positive, offering the Universe some clarity — or at least some clues — can only help you on your journey. In short, the more concise and clear the vision, the more likely the manifestation. So why not take a visual test-drive down future roads with a vision board? Grab a plywood square or a piece of poster board and gather up any magazines or books that are ready to be repurposed. Cut out anything that fits into your internal imaginings for 2019 (no matter how vague) and collage the fragments onto your board, bringing your daydreams into the physical realm. Place the finished product somewhere where it can serve as a reminder of what you want and what’s to come — and be sure to temper all that planning with a sprinkle of advance gratitude.



If you want to set your intentional practices on fire, simply light a candle. Candle magic is a means of connecting the gratitude and happiness that you want to feel in the future to the intentions you’re setting today.  Hold your candle in both hands and speak your intentions out loud, allowing yourself to experience a wash of the happiness and gratitude that the New Year will bring. Once you feel that your heart chakra is appropriately lit, light your candle in turn.



Your candle needs a place of honor, so why not go big and create a manifestation altar? This is a sacred vignette built to sit, stand, or kneel in front of when you need to come back to yourself — it can live anywhere, from a tiny corner of your apartment to the top of a dresser. Clear whatever space feels right (and available) and assemble your most magical items: crystals, incense, mala beads, singing bowls, journals, or whatever tools you use to come back to yourself. Cleanse both the space and the items using your preferred sacred smoke, light a candle, and declare this place as safe and sacred. Throughout the year, make it a point to visit your altar whenever you need to confer with the Universe — or simply hold some space for you.



Draw from the power of sacred geometry by laying out crystal grid, more or less the act of placing special stones in a pattern that skews divine. An infinity sign is a great shape to start with (if you want a template, you can find a selection here). Select a focal crystal that matches your intention — to call in self-love, for example, rose quartz would be ideal; if you’re seeking abundance, opt for citrine. Place the selected stone at the center of your design, surrounding it with amplifying crystals, like clear quartz, each positioned to help create a symbol that is aligned and symmetrical. Next, use your forefinger to connect the crystals with an imaginary line. Finally, state your intention out loud.


You’re ready for whatever comes next. Allow these practices to aid in the creation of your own magic, transforming 2019 into a year to remember.


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An emphasis on Capricornian themes this month lends all of January a sober but very productive mood. Under Saturn’s stern gaze, things may feel heavy or leaden but simultaneously transformative, especially as we experience the first eclipses of the year — there’s a lot of internal alchemy going on. We may turn more reflective and inward, and all of us will wrestle with some internal demons. On January 2, the sun is conjunct Saturn at 11 degrees Capricorn, which can make or break us depending on our relationship with self-discipline, so get those resolutions right.

The first eclipse of the year is a solar eclipse, which takes place on the new moon in Capricorn on January 5. This is an opportunity to release any aspects of your ego that no longer serve your larger purpose. Dramatic shifts in social relationships are possible. We may feel an acute sense of shame, weakness, or embarrassment.

This month, Mercury switches signs twice, moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn on January 5 (the same day as that solar eclipse that, somewhat agonizingly, calls forth our higher selves) and then from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 25. There is ample opportunity to shift perspectives and realign with our cosmic work due to the messenger’s unimpeded movement across the spheres. January 13, though, will be a bit of a humdinger: Mercury will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn on the same day that Jupiter squares Neptune. This brings in lofty ideas and beautiful dreams, but also a sense of despair or difficulty with communication. We are experiencing the full extent of our limitations this month.

On January 21, we stumble into a lunar eclipse at one degree Leo, visible across the entire North American continent and affected by a square to Uranus in Aries. Phase two of releasing the lower aspects of ourselves, this eclipse will likely involve more grief, catharsis and release than the first — and there may be a great deal of uncertainty and worry tied up in this transit. Be cautious with impulsivity and recklessness.

Finally, on January 31, we have Saturn sextile Neptune — the first of three precise sextiles between these two in 2019. The two energies are not naturally compatible, and yet they basically rule 2019. Our goal is to find spiritual order this year; to see if Saturn’s tendencies toward restriction, practicality, boundaries, and order can harmonize rather than clash with Neptune’s boundlessness, dreaminess, and illusion. We will close this rather grueling month with new knowledge about what routine and governance we may need to bring to our spiritual and creative selves — or in which ways the muse can help us steer the ship.

Read on for the crystals that may be able to support you the most in this work this month!






January’s cosmic upheaval lights up Aries’ career and life goals, as your ruling planet Mars comes home to roost and lends a can-do quality to the month’s practical assessment. The first eclipse of 2019 will be especially potent for Aries and brings in all manner of assistance with productive long-term planning and goal-setting. Ruby is a traditional gemstone for fortifying Aries’ best qualities (especially bolstering optimism and a sense of adventure) and is an excellent ally when worn or carried this month.




As Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet, sashays into Sagittarius, it is likely that Taurus will experience an abundance of new possibilities when it comes to love, sexuality, travel, and abundance. Things may feel unusually sped up for Taurus natives as the Universe sends a myriad of enticing opportunities at once. Discernment is key! Cat’s eye, especially the gray variety, helps Taurus lean into the hard work of making clear choices and determining priorities so as not to become stagnant or overwhelmed. Carrying a small piece of cat’s eye as a secret talisman is especially potent.




2019 brings a lot of changes for Gemini, and January provides the opportunity to clear the slate for the year ahead. Expect (and embrace!) big shifts in relationships, health, family, and chosen alliances. There’s probably a need to release or let go of anything that no longer serves you, especially things that have dragged on for too long — allow for a gentle dissolution wherever possible, in order to simplify and prepare for the exciting possibilities lying ahead. A piece of hematite-included quartz will anchor your strength and keep confusion or second-guessing at bay.




January is all about communication for Cancer, and especially about stating where your boundaries and limitations are. There have been significant shifts in how you view your closest and most intimate bonds, and the presiding desire may be to shut down and withdraw — but the opposite is needed. Cancer is being called to show up in ways that are both deeply vulnerable and deeply honest. Blue lace agate is considered one of the foremost mineral allies in supporting clear communication. Wear some at your throat or hold a piece in your hands when having difficult conversations.




This month loops you back into your most important relationship — the one you share with yourself. Health routines, personal objectives, and erasure of negative self-talk are central to helping Leo maximize the power of this month’s astrology. Leo’s traditional birthstone helps eradicate fears of being unloved or unworthy and boosts commitment to taking good care of yourself. Peridot-infused elixirs or hydrosols may be a great addition to a self-care routine.




Muscovite can seem like an unusual and unassuming choice for Virgo when there’s so much internal glamour rising to the surface for these often-humble natives. But muscovite is the most common variety of mica and is often found in mineral makeups, where it is responsible for lending gleam and shimmer to powder eyeshadows and highlighters. And that’s Virgo’s role this month as well, as creative blocks dissolve and the sparkle Virgo has worked so hard to cultivate comes rising to the top. Incorporate a mica-infused cosmetic to help you literally sparkle and shine.




2018 was hard for everybody, but Libra faced some unique challenges. The pressure lessens a little with the New Year, but there’s a great need to self-soothe in the aftermath of such significant upheaval. The eclipses may prove particularly emotional for Libras and may trigger more self-destructive habits. Amethyst, considered by the ancients to be an ally in attaining sobriety, will help Libra redirect anxiety to healthier outlets.




January opens up multiple aspects of life wherein Scorpio can make a serious power move that will have long-lasting results. Love life, career, and close friendships are all in need of that notorious Scorpio magnetism and intensity. Some risk-taking will inevitably be involved, but it will be rewarding. While the transits of the planets are assisting Scorpio in diving deep and being bold, black pearls can assist in grounding and diffusing the potency where necessary. A single pearl drop or a strand of beads can remind Scorpio that setbacks, injuries, slights, and challenges are part of the story, but not the focus of it.




A lot of exciting and unpredictable energy swirls around for Sagittarius this month, as Venus joins Jupiter in your sign — fortunes can shift dramatically, for better or for worse. Finances have likely been challenged or under scrutiny (this may go for your love life, too), and grounding out and trusting situations to be reliable can feel difficult. Marble possesses a cooling, dispersing energy that assists Sagittarius in coming down to earth and taking things one day at a time.




Happy solar return, Capricorns! With so much attention paid to the serious and workaholic aspects of Capricorn, it is easy to forget that this sign also holds profound mystical capacity. The symbol of the sea-goat comes from the ancient deity Enki, who taught humans how to be humans. There is a connection between the daily labor and ethics of Capricorn and the aim to which this last-quadrant earth sign aspires, which is that of luminous transcendence and bettering oneself through discipline. Labradorite helps lighten the burdens and pressures of the material world, while also allowing us to build and expand upon positive routines and habits.




January sees Aquarius immersed in the potency of reflection, introversion, and introspection. This month can be remarkably cleansing for Aquarius especially, but the work must be carefully attended to. Time spent alone is especially potent and provocative, as you return to your soul’s contracts with this earthly embodiment. Green garnet on your altar helps you remember all of the work you have already done to clear the way for yourself. The natural optimism and brightness of this gentle and loving stone energy remind us not to return to toxic modes of being, as tempting or familiar as they may be.




Pisces undergoes one of the most intriguing shifts this month, a kind of blossoming into a powerful new sense of fortitude and self-esteem, as well as exploring new sides of themselves socially and professionally. Here, old curses can be broken, outmoded social behaviors challenged and deconstructed, without much fuss. Pisces feels genuinely ready to be stable and centered, and dravite is just the thing to help. This heavy, dense stone vibrates at a deep and calming frequency, and as Pisces wades into unexplored waters of responsibility and owning your successes, dravite can help keep these changes feeling safe, sane and celebratory.


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