Animal Spirit Guides Associated with the Element Fire

Fire Element

BLACK PANTHER: sensitivity to energy; shapeshifting. Ability to see the light hidden in the dark. Understanding of the energy behind forms. Ability to transmute energy. Shape shifting. Healing on a molecular level. Understanding death and rebirth. Sensitivity to touch and vibration. Embracing sexuality and sensuality. Penetrating sight and insight. Complete control of one’s body. Suppleness and swiftness. Ability to be still, silent and move unseen. silent. Perseverance. Ability to draw others to one. Reclaiming one’s power. Comfort with solitude.

CAT: independence; inquisitiveness; getting what one wants. Healthy
balancing of independence with love and affection. At home in the darkness. Moving through fears. Seeing the unseen. Exploring new vistas. Knowing how to rest and relax. Patience. Ability to observe and wait before acting. Protection. Ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy.  Fearless. Ability to fight when cornered.

CHEETAH: speed; efficiency; focus. Accomplishing tasks. Overcoming
procrastination and stuckness. Moving on. Getting going. Acting on decisions. Efficient use of time, resources and energy. Flexibility. Ability to respond and adapt quickly; to move with speed and precision and modify plans quickly. Knowing when to put effort in, and when to stop and rest. Recovery after bouts of hard work and activity. Comfort with solitude.

DOG: loyalty; companionship; spiritedness. Willingness to serve. Working well with people and in groups. Devotion. Faithfulness. Ability to give and receive love. Protection and defense. Protection of loved ones. Guide to safety. Ability to find things and sniff things out. Unbreakable spirit.

FOX: independence of thought and action. Discretion. Confidence in one’s own ideas. Clever solutions for difficult situations. Breaking out of conditioning. Finding one’s own path and solutions. Making wise decisions. Claiming one’s own authority. Thinking for oneself. Independence without drawing unwanted attention. Ability to go unnoticed. Getting out of unpleasant situations quietly and without aggression. Camouflage. Shape shifting. Moving between the realms.

FERRET: ‘Ferreting out’ what is hidden. Tenacity. Ingenuity. Intelligence. Keen observation. Focused and centered on goals. Incisiveness. Stealth. Not giving up. Ability to see hidden reasons behind things. Discovering hidden parts of the self. Agility. Flexibility. Creating safe haven for the self.

LION: Strength through cooperation. Benevolent leadership. Using power well. Inner authority. Respect for others. Living in harmony in group situations. Dealing with group conflicts with grace and efficiency. Working cooperatively. Resolving anger, jealousy and selfishness. Patience. Contributing to group well-being. Courage to do what is right and best for others as well as for self. Allowing help from family and tribe. Doing one’s part to help group relationships. Take pride in family and ancestors. Caring for the young with gentleness and patience. The good parent. Clear boundaries. Fearless protection of the group. Knowing how to relax in the group.

LIZARD: Evaluating the present. Changing when needed. Moving on when
needed. Attention to intuitions and subtle messages. Paying attention to
messages from dreams. Understanding dream meanings. Listening to one’s own inner self and knowing. Objective detachment. Letting go of what is no longer serving one. Leaving the old self behind. Knowing how to break from the past and separate from others when needed. Moving on with confidence and purpose.

LYNX: knowing the truth. Seeing through lies, deceptions and facades. Keenness of sight. Divination. Developing psychic senses. Keeper of secrets and mysteries. Movement through time and space. Patience. Willingness to wait to achieve goals. Independence. Ease with solitude. Protection from psychic attack, invasions and intrusions.

MONKEY: self-acceptance; shamelessness. Freedom from self consciousness, shyness and social inhibition. Ease with social gatherings.
Self-expression. Valuing one’s self, as one is. Harmonious community. Playfulness. Curiosity. Inquisitiveness and great inventiveness. Lively intelligence. Connection with ancient wisdom. Openness to change and new ideas. Agility and adaptability.

MOUNTAIN LION: integrity; walking the talk. Decisive use of personal power, intention and strength. Manifesting goals. Asserting self without aggression. Purity of heart and purpose. Staying true to ones ideals and aims. Focused action. Self-confidence. Teaching, leading or facilitating wisely and without ego. Quietly taking control of situations. Freedom from shame.

SNAKE: deep transformation; embracing change. Shedding old ways and
habits. Death of the old self. Unwavering willingness to face changes. Rebirth. Renewal. Awakening to spiritual energy. Initiation. Spiritual wisdom and insight. Transmutation. Sexual power. Sexuality as a spiritual path. Creation. Fertility. Awakening kundalini. Cellular regeneration. Deep healing. Sexual healing.

SPIDER: integration; connection; unity; transmutation. Understanding the
web of life. Seeing the energy behind surface forms. Sensing underlying
connections and patterns. Making a whole of the parts. Piecing things together. Understanding the threads. Knowing how the past shaping the present, and how the present shapes the future. Understanding how one weaves one’s own reality and destiny; how to weave the web one wants. Empowerment. Becoming the weaver, not the fly. Mending the past. Healing the future.

TIGER: independence and confidence. Fearlessness. Comfort with solitude.
Supreme confidence in being able to act alone. Focus, patience and surprise. Unwavering focus on the present. Great awareness of the here and now. Utter belief in one’s own strength and power. Fearing nothing and no one. Regeneration and vitality. Quick healing. Passion. Vigour. Sensuality. Mastery of one’s body. Sharpness of all senses.

WOLF: healthy relationships. Balance between independence and being with others; between honouring own needs and those of others. Loyalty without losing personal integrity. Faithfulness. Capacity to bond. At ease both in a group and when alone. Finding freedom in relationship. Friendliness and sociability. Sense of community. Cooperation. Keeping clear boundaries with others, whilst still honouring commitments and relationships. Truthfulness. Sincerity. Joyfulness. Strength of character and spirit. Stamina. Determination.


FIRE DRAGON: vitality; courage; power. Guardian of the fire element. Gate
keeper of the fire chakra. Guardian of powerfulness and anger. Protector from shame. Protector from over-expansion. Empowerment and self-protection. Assertiveness. Liberator of energy, confidence, drive, leadership and enthusiasm. Clarity of vision, purpose and direction. Accomplishing tasks. Ability to digest things and transmute toxins.

GRIFFIN: combining strength with discretion. Penetrating to the truth. Ability to look deep into one’s soul to find answers. Ability to feel with every bit of the soul. Ability to look deep into one’s soul to find answers. Soaring above the fray. Knowing of the balance within nature. Protector of the natural realm. Making daring leaps of faith. Connection to Fire. Physical protection. Protector of young children.

PHOENIX: transformation; renewal and rebirth. Overcoming impossible odds. New life from apparent desolation. Hope from the midst of despair. Strength when facing trials and when feeling ‘burnt’. Reincarnation, death and rebirth. Rising from the ashes. Cleansing energy of fire. Burning off of the past, and becoming purer. Spiritual growth and regeneration.



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