This Week’s Tarot Card Reading: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

This Week’s Tarot Card Reading: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Your weekly Tarot card advice for August 20-26, 2018


The reversed Seven of Pentacles expresses frustration over an apparent lack of results. You just want to be at the finish line already, and it is difficult to find motivation to continue when you are seeing no rewards yet for all the hard work you’ve put in. What does this apply to your life this week? Maybe the creative project you’ve been working on has more facets than you initially expected. Or that paper you’ve been researching for a class assignment seems like it will never amass the required ten pages and earn you that desired A. Maybe that promotion at work just hasn’t come yet despite what you think is a consistent and deserving performance. In light of this month’s theme of the reversed Emperor, you might be treating yourself more harshly and unreasonably than you should be…

Consider how you are measuring your success. Have you been comparing yourself to others, and then feeling lesser-than? If so, try to separate from that scale and find one that suits who you are and how you work. If you know you’re trying as hard as you can, be patient with yourself — some trees bear fruit late in the season. Don’t let this temporary discouragement stop you from watering them before they have the chance to finish growing. Switch to a micro view of the situation. Look more closely at the progress you’ve made and find evidence that your efforts actually are making a difference.
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