Where Does Intuition Come From?

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Where does intuition come from?  Exactly where does all of this sixth sense goodness come from? More importantlyhow do you know you can trust it… and how can you get more intuitive guidance?

Today, let’s explore the fascinating answers, which I promise, is going to knock your socks off and be super eye-opening.

Have You Ever Had a Hunch?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably had a gut feelinga hunch, felt inspired, or just knew something. That was your intuition guiding you.

Intuition is the way that the non-physical part of you – your soul (also known as your Higher Self) – communicates with you.

Best yet… your soul can guide you in every way. It can help you with huge decisions and “big stuff”, and everyday “small stuff”. It’s like a GPS and Dear Abby all rolled into one!

Have you ever said to yourself:

  • Something told me to do (or not do) it!
  • I just knew that I had to do that!
  • Something stopped me from (taking a certain action that would have led to danger).

That something was your intuition 🙂

Tip:  While many people associate sudden, strong intuitive feelings with keeping them out of danger, the truth is that intuition can be beautiful and magnificent and help us with all sorts of everyday things such as:

  • What to buy your niece for her birthday.
  • The school that would be most beneficial for your kids.
  • The color you should paint your living room.

But where does intuition come from?  Let’s find out:

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Soooo, where does intuition come from? It actually comes from a couple of sources:

  • Your Higher Self(remember, that’s another name for the soul)
  • Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has a Higher Self and a spiritual team that includes Spirit Guides, therefore:

Everyone has intuition… you, me, Selena Gomez, and the kid that bags your groceries at the market.

When your intuition is guiding you, you may:

  • Intuitively know what your child needs before his teacher or doctor tells you.
  • Have a feeling that this is the wrong time to buy a new car, even though everything makes sense financially.
  • Have something telling you that you should put some extra business cards in your purse (only to later strike up a conversation with someone at the deli who is looking for the EXACT sparkly cell-phone covers that you are selling on Etsy!).
  • Be super busy, but feel inspired to start that new business or sign up for a class. (Tip: Inspiration is a wonderful indicator that your soul is nudging you!)

Let’s go into more detail about your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides.


1. Higher Self

As we said, your Higher Self is the non-physical part of you; it’s your soul. It is also known as your Authentic Self or Inner Being.  You can call it whatever you want 🙂

You are ALWAYS connected to your Higher Self. Nothing can break your connection with it because it is you – it’s your Spirit – the non-physical part of you.  Even when you are not aware of the connection (as many aren’t) or ignore it, it’s still there.


Your Higher Self is the complete and true essence of you; it’s whole, perfect, loving, and carries all of your past life memories, as well as a basic “blueprint” of the things you desire to experience in this lifetime.

Your soul is an infinite, non-physical energetic being.  Your soul communicates with you by giving you intuitive feelings that help keep you on track with your desires and help move you towards joy.

  • When you have a good vibe about something, this is your Higher Self/soul connecting with you through your intuition saying Yes! this person or situation is in alignment with what I really want. It resonates with your Essence.
  • When you have a bad vibe about something or someone, this is your Higher Self telling you No! this is taking you off track of what you really want or there is danger – steer clear!

2. Spirit Guides

Part two of the answer to the question where does intuition come from is:  Spirit Guides.

Spirit guides are loving spiritual beings who are working magic behind the scenes to help you accomplish the things you’d like to experience. They love you beyond words and truly are our cheerleaders in spirit!


Just like your Higher Self, they connect with you via intuitive thoughts and feelings.

Spirit Guides help and support you in all areas of life. They can help with anything from getting a great parking space to putting the exact person in your path that leads to your dream job.

Spirit Guides are the movers and shakers of the Universe!

  • We each have a main spirit guide that stays with us for life. These are souls who we knew in a past life and that we have a soul connection with.
  • We have other spirit guides who assist us with other aspects of life, such as parenting.
  • Spirit guides can move in and out of our lives. Some are with us for a short time, and some stay with us for a long time, depending on our needs.
  • It’s also okay to request a spirit guide who has a particular skill set. During tax time, I was totally confused and asked for a financial guide to help! (They guided me to an accountant – seriously! lol)
  • In addition to your spirit guides, you have many other members of your spiritual “team.” There are masters, teachers, and of course, your loved ones in heaven!

Final Thoughts

Your soul and spirit guides will love and support you in all ways. A great first step in learning to use and trust your intuition is to take baby steps. Ask for intuitive guidance on a small issue, put your logic aside for a few moments, let go and trust what you are feeling.

I hope I’ve helped you answer the question where does intuition come from!


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