Understanding Intuitive Guidance Like a Boss

Understanding Intuitive Guidance Like a Boss

Intuitive guidance can make life much easier.  Intuition is your internal compass; a built-in GPS that can help you navigate through life!  Trusting in this guidance is much easier when you understand what these sixth sensory feelings are for.

What is Intuitive Guidance?

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

– Albert Einstein

Good ole’ Alby Einstein.  With the awesome quote above, plus his superb brilliance, it sure seems like he knew a few things about intuition.  I wonder if the two are connected… hmm…

So what exactly IS this magical intuitive goodness? A hunch?  Sixth sense?

Yes and yes!

Intuition is a guidance system that each and every one of ushas.  It is the way in which your soul – also called the Inner Being or Higher Self – communicates with you.

When we were born into these physical bodies, our souls didn’t just say, sayonara, see you on the flip side! Rather our soul, plus our spiritual helpers (Spirit Guides, teachers, angels, etc.) agreed to help support us through life.

It would be excellent if we could just call our Higher Self and Divine helpers on the phone, but since we can’t, they connect and guide us through our intuition.

Intuitive guidance can come to you in lots of different ways, such as:

  • gut feelings
  • that little voice inside
  • a feeling of just knowing something

Intuitive guidance can help with everything from deciding what to wear to deciding if you should move across country.  No job is too big or small for your intuition!

Best of all, once you learn to listen to your intuition, big and little decisions become MUCH easier.  That means:

  • less stress
  • more happiness
  • lots of other good stuff

And because intuition comes from your soul, it always guides you for your best good.  And who can you trust more than you and your spiritual team?

Everyone Has Intuition

Intuitive guidance is natural.  It’s our birthright and we ALL have it, even animals.

Actually, we could learn a lot from our furry friends.  Have you ever noticed how your pet trusts their intuitive guidance?  They lick the face of your bestie, but growl at the new person you’re dating?

That’s because they totally trust the sixth sense “vibes” they get and react immediately.  They don’t think about it or get advice about their senses from their friends.  Hey Fred, it’s Sammy-cat calling. Jess has this new friend. And man, I dunno…  

First, that would be hysterical.  Second, Sammy wouldn’t call his friend, Fred.  He’d just hiss and run under the bed.

Animals don’t override their intuition with logic the way we humans do.

Real Life Intuitive Guidance Examples

  • My daughter was having some challenges due to a learning disability.  Since I homeschool, I was starting to feel really stressed. I read everything about what we should be doing to help her, but nothing FELT right.  I had a strong urge that kept telling me, just do what you think is right. Weeks later, a psychologist recommended to me, based on her educational testing, the EXACT books I had started using with EXACT instruction on how I had been using them!
  • My husband was driving home once with some other people from work. Suddenly, he had a strong urge to buckle up and told the other passengers to buckle up quick.  Minutes later, they were in a serious accident. I believe that intuitive message saved their lives. (And I gave him a piece of my mind about not being buckled up in the first place!)

Intuitive guidance doesn’t have to be super dramatic. You can receive and ask for guidance on anything. With practice, you’ll learn to trust and rely on your intuition as much as Batman relies on Robin.

Psychic Ability vs. Intuition

Many people use the terms psychic and intuition interchangeably.  I swap the words sometimes, too.  But since we’re talking about intuitive guidance today, I thought it was important to mention this quick point:

  • Psychic ability is the ability to tap into the unseen world around us; the ability to perceive subtle energies, auras, Spirit energy, etc.  Everyone has intuition, but not everyone is psychic. That said, pretty much anyone can develop at least some degree of psychic ability.  Why not?  We’re all spiritual beings.

Bottom line:  Use the KISS philosophy – Keep It Super Simple.  Enjoy intuitive guidance and have fun with it. That’s more important than anything else. You’ll understand it more as you practice using it.

How to Get Intuitive Guidance

Many people forget that they are spiritual beings. They are present in their physical lives but forget about their sixth sensory feelings. That’s about as sad as eating a cupcake with no frosting.

But since you’re here, reading this post, I’m pretty sure that you realize that you are a spiritual being first and foremost 🙂

All we need to do now is tune you up a bit so that you can start using intuitive guidance. 

1. Ask

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Honestly, you’d be surprised how many people wonder why they aren’t getting any intuitive guidance, but never asked for any.

Start making a habit of asking for help with anything and everything, and see what kinds of feelings or signs you get.

2. Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration helps you feel more joyful and connected to the essence of who you really are.  It’s pretty easy to do!  Anything that makes you feel happy raises your vibration:  Music, art, dancing, relaxing on a beach, woodworking, etc.

3. Meditate

Meditation also raises your vibration and quiets your mind.  The great thing about meditation is it trains your mind to quiet down a bit so that you can hear the intuitive guidance being given to you.

It’s hard to hear your Authentic Self and spiritual team when your mind is full of ego-based thoughts. Meditation pushes all those thoughts aside and allows room for spirit.

How to master intuitive guidance

Do you think if you made gluten-free French toast every day for a year you’d get pretty good at it?  I’d say you’d be a ding-dong great gluten-free French toast maker!

Do you think if you started practicing receiving intuitive guidance every day for a year, you’d get good at it?  I definitely think so!

Don’t get frustrated when you first start asking for intuitive guidance. Like Dory did in Finding Nemo, just keep swimming.  You might feel like you are muddling around at first.  But in time, the guidance will become easier and clearer.


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