Good Sunday Morning to all our brothers & sisters of The WOTC

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Lady A had to take the day off. She needed to take a break and rest for a bit. She isn’t suppose to be doing anything but she doesn’t know how to do that. In fact, resting isn’t even in her vocabulary.  When she was released from the hospital, she was instructed to come home and rest. Did we do that, no. Instead we took a trip to Eastern Kentucky to see her family and friends up there. She figured that would probably be the last time she got to see them.


You haven’t heard her mention her health but I will. The doctors highly recommended removing her spleen. Then the procedure they would have to do so she could live without it. She told them no. Next they wanted to put her on this trial medication for people with her condition. As you know it is expensive and she turned them down. She told them there was no way she could afford that and she would just go home to die. The doctors told her if she changed her mind they would fax the prescription to the local pharmacy. Without it, they told her, she probably wouldn’t make it. The people who own and operate these drug companies need to come to the real world. They need to offer the prescriptions at an affordable rate for those whose life depends on them. But they don’t. Even though we tried in vain to raise the money for her first round of the drug, we couldn’t do it. We had several generous donations but we still fell $315 short on meeting the first payment. That was why Joseph worked so hard to get the store built. He had days he worked 24 hours a day just to try to raise the rest of the money needed for his mother’s medicine. It didn’t happen.


I know some of you have been wondering why Lady A hasn’t talked about her health, now you know. Basically she came home to die. It seems she knew what would happen because she told me, ‘she would die because of the lack of a dollar.” I am not telling you this in order to plea with you for money. I am telling you this so you can enjoy the time Lady A spends on this site. She will have days when she get so tired and sick she can’t even raise her head up. Today happens to be one of those days. She will rest up and be able to go for another two or three days, then the same thing will happen again. Her health is horrible. She told me, “she had accepted her fate and so be it.” The rest of us have not accepted her fate and we won’t until she draws her last breath. Until that time we will keep on fighting for her and trying to get the medicine she needs. She is determined to carry on as usual as long as it is possible. How long that is, we don’t know.


I went against her wishes. She did not want you to know what the doctors had said, she didn’t want anyone to know, especially the boys. Now that you know, I would appreciate it if you did not mention her health or any of this to her. She wants to continue as normal and as long as she can and we are going to let her.


I must now get ready to do today’s postings. I hope you have a very blessed day,





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