Day 2 – WOTC Fund Raiser

White Sage smudge stick 3pk 3″


Perfect for blessings, prayers and purification rituals this pack contains three mini white sage smudge sticks. These sticks often run large and can be up to 4”. 3”

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Shipping: $4.95



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3″ Tree of Life Offering Bowl


Sculpted of copper and accented with brass, this offering bowl displays the tree of life.

Price: $9.95

Shipping: $5.95



Dragon Blood Essential Fragrance


Exotic fragrances blended from fine essential oils, derived from the fragrant resin of a root, Dragon’s Blood essential oil is a favored scent within a wide range of magical practices, and offers a sweet, pleasant aroma for the home and sacred space. Essential Fragrance oil. This 10ml oil is for external use

Price: $5.95

Shipping: $4.95



Patchouli oil 1 ounce with root


This patchouli fragrance perfume, captures the many powers of patchouli, not only in the oils it contains, but by steeping in actual patchouli root as well. Patchouli is known for soothing and clarifying your thinking, stimulating feminine/yin energy, awakening fertility and dispelling negativity. It is good for divination and is used in many love, hex, and protection rituals. 1 fluid ounce, for external use only.

Price: $7.95

Shipping: $4.95



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