Before we get started

We are running a little late. We went to the hospital to have breakfast with Lady A. She is off the heavy duty pain relievers. Still in a fog but coming back to herself. She asked how all of you were doing. How my first day went and if we had the store up. Everything was fine till we got to the store. She wanted to know what the problem was and we told her that none of us knew how to do it. But we told her about the Fund raiser we had come up with to give you the products you might need and raise money for her medicine. She wasn’t too happy that we were offering one or two items at a time. She told us to also ask our regular customers who knew what we sold needed anything besides what we offered. Then she had a talk with Jacob and I feel I know what that was about. Last time, she built the store while she was in the hospital. Then Jacob uploaded it to the site. I would imagine the same thing is about to happen. Lady A has more energy than she knows what to do with and she is bored. She is especially tired of being sick. If the store suddenly pops up you know what happened.

Now is there anything any of our customers need? If so, let us know by leaving a comment. You know we can get what you want, just let us know. Thank you, B.B., for your order. It has been received and it is on its way to you. Jacob double checked the records and since you were one of our loyal customers, he sent you 2 of the braids. Thank you again for your order. Again, if you need anything such as herbs, oils, incense, anything you might have ordered from us in the past and might be out of now, let us know. We will be happy to fill those orders till the store pops back up.

Have a blessed day,