Today Is Going to Be a Difficult Day, We Just Received News That There Has Been A School Shooting At One of Our Local High Schools.

Good morning, my precious family. We received news a few minutes ago that there had been a local school shooting. It is a school that is not to far from here, it is in Marshall County. The shooting took place at the High School there, we have no details. There is suppose to be a news crew on the way there now. Not knowing is the worse thing in your life. I have grandchildren that go to that school district except they are in Elementary School, Thank the Goddess.


The Governor just tweeted that the shooter is in custody, one fatality and seven injured. Helicopters have been seen air-lifting individuals and there are numerous ambulances there. No official numbers yet but it doesn’t sound good. Those poor, poor parents, my heart truly breaks for them. Sending their children off to school and then something like this happens. What has happened to our world? What? It is unreal the total disregard for human life. Kids killing kids.


The first school shooting in the States occurred down the road from us. Heath High School, remember it. I do, my kids were in high school at the time. The news broke with just “a shooting at a local high school.” The first thing I started doing was putting my clothes on and trying to get out of the door as quick as possible with tears running down my face. Before I could get out the door, the news came back on and told us it was Heath High School where the shooting had occurred. Michael Carneal walked into the main lobby, took out several guns and shot up a morning prayer group. He killed three, wounded I don’t know how many. I do know one of them recovered but she is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Her aunt and I were good friends at the time. The neighbor across the road had just transferred her children to the county high school because the one in town was too rough. The one in town, that my kids went too, got smart. They had armored guards, metals detectors, a lock-down system for visitors to the school, everything you could imagine but yet everyone thought it was a horrible school. Heath was suppose to be the finest High School in the area at the time.


Marshall County is considered one of the finest high schools in the area. The shooting brought back a lot of bad memories for me. The minute I heard it, I couldn’t tell the others without crying. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of someone killing our children, especially another child. What has went so wrong? I know I always look for a reason or someone to blame. Could it be the parents fault? The Carneal boy’s family was up-standing members in the community. His daddy was a lawyer. The shooter this morning, we know nothing about yet. But I wonder if something just snaps in a person’s mind to make them want to kill another person. I don’t understand it. I don’t want to understand the mind of a killer. To me, taking a life is the worse possible thing that could ever happen. Maybe the kids don’t understand, killing someone is final. People blame the video games, do the kids think the people they shoot are going to get up and walk away like they do in the games.


I prayed to the Goddess yesterday for help in understanding some of my confusion. I pray to the Goddess now for the soul that was lost this morning and those that were injured. I have no compassion or empathy for the individual who shot them.


I would ask one thing of you, my dear brothers & sisters, please pray for all of us in Western Kentucky this morning. Remember those who were injured, remember the one who lost their life and most of all remember their parents. What a horror it is for a parent to have to bury their child. No parent should ever have to go through that. Please, dear family, pray for all of us this morning.


I love you,

Lady of the Abyss


For all of you with children, hug them long and hard and tell them you love them dearly. It is a sad state of affairs to say but these day you never know.


Our Thoughts & Prayers With The Children & Parents of Marshall County

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  1. I just saw this on the news here and my 1st thought was to wonder how close it was to you.
    My prayers are with the injured, their classmates and all the families.


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