Good Saturday Afternoon, my precious brothers & sisters of The Craft! What A Blessing it is to have a Family such as this one.

The students that were killed during the shooting at the High School are being buried this weekend. We will be off the internet today and tomorrow due to this fact. Visitation is today and tomorrow is their burial.

I would ask that you light a candle and pray for their families, the students that witnessed this horror, the ones still recovering, the staff, and the entire community.

May the Goddess comfort them and embrace them in Her loving arms during this dark time,

Lady of the Abyss


I am Taking a Mental Health Day

Part of having fibromyalgia is called brain fog. I’m others words I cannot concentrate enough to get anything done  and/or really comprehend when reading lesson answers and/ or to get up a post that would make any sense. This is caused by fatigue from not sleeping well. I am not using this as an excuse not to fill fill my duties but as an explanation of why I do not feel comfortable trying to do so today. This usually clears up in about a day of I just rest my brain. I should be back to my normal tomorrow. I am sorry if this inconvenience upon in anyway.