I am Taking a Mental Health Day

Part of having fibromyalgia is called brain fog. I’m others words I cannot concentrate enough to get anything done  and/or really comprehend when reading lesson answers and/ or to get up a post that would make any sense. This is caused by fatigue from not sleeping well. I am not using this as an excuse not to fill fill my duties but as an explanation of why I do not feel comfortable trying to do so today. This usually clears up in about a day of I just rest my brain. I should be back to my normal tomorrow. I am sorry if this inconvenience upon in anyway.

5 thoughts on “I am Taking a Mental Health Day

  1. That’s ok. I have it, too, so I can understand how you must be feeling now. I hope you feel better soon! Blessed be!
    Heather Surprenant 😊

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  2. No worries- I know the feeling, I had an long day yesterday myself with my own health problems… These things happen girl.

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