A Very Blessed & Beautiful Monday Morn’ To All My Dear Sweet Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

Good Morning

Good Monday morning, my precious family! How y’all doing this morning? I hope super. Ready to get another week started? I don’t know so much about week but I am definitely ready to get this day started.  I get to go this morning and get the stitches out of my finger (so I can pop a proper bird, lol!). I know I spent yesterday wheeling away from Eleanor as fast as I could. She had some surgical scissors, whatever you call them, chasing me around the office with them. To top it all off her exact words were, “Come here, my pretty. I’ll take care of you and your pretty little stitches!” Sound familiar? I believe at times she has watched the Wizard of Oz one to many times. She finally stopped when I screamed and pretended to hurt that finger. Then we went from, “come here, my pretty,” to “ah, let me kiss it and make it better.” Yeah right, she still had the damn scissors behind her back.  Oh, I tell what fun we have around here. Truthfully the place is like the insane asylum and the inmates are running the joint.


I was sitting here looking at the window and thinking what a difference a week makes. Last week, it was minus 1, a foot of snow on the ground and we were stuck in a snow bank. Today it is 65 degrees, believe it or not, and raining buckets. The cabin had ponds all around it. The house Lynette rented has one huge lake in the back. I looked at it yesterday and it was still in its banks. This morning, that ain’t the case and it is coming up in the backyard rather quickly. No telling by the time we get back home tonight we might need a canoe to get us there. It just seems like this year, the weather has been unreal to say the least. One day it is below freezing, the next it is in the 60’s. Hmm, and no one believes in climate change? Up in the mountains, they say the weather rotates in cycles. I can’t remember if it is every 10 years or 15, that the weather does a complete turn around. I know I talked to a witch from up there and she did mention it was time for a cycle change. She just sort of, kind of, forgot to mention if that was a 10 or 15 year cycle. I grew up learning about the wooly worms and what side the moss grew on trees. I later found out the wooly worms were suppose to be poisonous and the moss, well the moss is going to grow wherever it wants. Besides moss growing on the north side of a tree never made much sense to me to start with. You would think it would want to grow where it got the most light. Oh, well you got your morning Outdoor 101 class anyway, lol!


Well everybody has finally arrived and they are hauling me off (to the doctor or the funny farm, that is the question).  I know the doctor is taking the stitches out and planning on doing another X-ray. He told us last time he would have to do a X-ray to make sure everything was still in its place and I hadn’t don’t anything I wasn’t suppose too. I love being treated like a six-year old. I hate to tell him if anything has moved, he ain’t putting another wire back in my hand. Since I have been typing, I have gained 110% more use of my fingers on that hand. It occasionally hurts but nothing like it did. So I ain’t worried about anything being moved. I ever get out of all these casts, I am putting myself in bubble wrap.


Since I am now being wheeled away from the computer, I guess it is time to go. Wish me good luck and we will see you tomorrow.


Love ya,

Lady A