Almost forgot to mention……

Jacob just reminded me I didn’t mention the store today. My bad!


Right now there are some super deals going on at Magickal Necessities. We have beautiful journals or they can be used as Books of Shadows, complete with paper for $14.95. There is still the half price herb sale going on since we are in the middle of winter. We have new jewelry in and we have just picked up another wholesaler. Got a minute check out Magickal Necessities.


I should add I have never been prouder of any young man in my life. He stepped up and took over running the store as if he had been doing it all his life. He has been not only a wonderful asset and addition to my life but also the WOTC! Thank you, son for all your have done for me and the WOTC!



Just Arrived…..

Practical Magic Gift Set

Price $19.95

Find all the tools you need to enchant the everyday and harness the power of magic–through crystals, horoscopes, and herbal healing–with Practical Magic!

This kit includes:
-Two crystals (rose quartz and tiger’s eye).
-Fold-out astrological chart to fill in.
-3 sheets of astrological stickers.
-3 sheets of metallic temporary tattoos.
-48-page miniature book.



Pentagram journal

Price $14.95

With a faux wood finish, this blank book has an interwoven pentagram set upon its front cover,
making it the perfect setting for your book of shadows, journal, diary, or whatever else you
can imagine. 160 pages. It measures 6″ x 8″. Paper is white


Magickal Necessities