Up-date on Marshall County Ky School Shooting

Ever since we heard about the shooting at the Marshall County High School in Kentucky, we haven’t done anything except to try to find out more information. Finally, the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Governor gave a press conference about 20 minutes ago. The shooting was much worse than what the local News station was releasing or known. There were two 15 year old students killed, one was a girl who passed at the scene. The other was a 15 year old boy who passed away at the hospital. The shooter wounded 14 others, who are now being treated for gunshot wounds. Two of those have been air-lifted out. There are 5 others being treated for non-gunshot wounds. The shooter is in custody and is going to be charged with murder and attempted murder. I believe if an animal can kill young teen-agers with no regard for their life, then he should be charged as an adult and face the death penalty.


You now know why we are not on the internet today. This is a very horrible and horrific day for everyone in this area. It is especially hard on those who lived through the Heath High School shooting twenty years ago. Most of the ladies here lived through that shooting. It brought back some very painful memories. You never imagine such a tragedy happening but to happen twice to the same community is unbearable and unthinkable.


Lady A asked you earlier to pray for us all. I repeat her request, pray for Western Kentucky at this darkest of darkest times. Remember us in your prayers today. Remember those two young people who needless lost their lives today. Remember those wounded and pray they not only make a quick recovery but with time their emotional scars heal. Pray for the families, the friends and all who suffer this day.


5 thoughts on “Up-date on Marshall County Ky School Shooting

  1. I agree the person should be tried as an adult and than out before a firing squad.
    My prayers are with you all. I remember the other shooting and am amazed how well you are dealing with today. Blessed be sisters!


    1. Eleanor has been away from here long enough most of her attachments are gone. The only true attachment she has left here is me. She is saddened over the shooting but there is one major difference in the two of us, I am half empath. That is the part of me, I would love to get rid of. What I feel and how I feel it is much deeper. The minute there is a ripple in the cosmos, I feel it. The moment there is chaos released, I feel that too. Sometimes the pain is unbearable but I had learned to deal with it. Sometimes it takes a toll on me. Here recently there has been too much turmoil and chaos in the cosmos, I try to tune it out but I can’t. Perhaps I am not suppose to be able to tune it out. But she can’t understand after all I have been through why someone would want me to come and offer them comfort. She doesn’t understand that I can take away their pain or at least ease their pain. She can’t understand why I would want to take that pain into myself. I don’t but when it is a good friend who has suffered a loss of a child or another loved one, sometimes you have too. I do have on advantage if you want to call it that, I know how to release that pain while the mundane does not. But I can never take away all the pain especially with what I experienced yesterday.

      Marshall County is a farming community. You can drive through there and see a gun rack on the back of every truck. I told Eleanor last night, they should take that little bastard and turn him loose down the main street in Benton. I know that would be fit justice for him. There wouldn’t be much left of him, but, oh well, I am a very cold hearted witch when it comes to destroying innocent life or any life for that matter.
      I love you, sis,


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