Now You Ready for Our Mix-Up Saturday…….

I know some of you don’t like a lot of email from us in your email box, but……it is only for one day I promise and I promise to keep the post as short as possible. We are going to start out with topics about Saturday. For those new here and I noticed we picked up several while I was out, all the following posts are printable so you can add them to your Book of Shadows if you like. If you have a website, feel free to snatch one, two or three for your own site.


The WOTC started out with one mission statement. That mission statement was to spread the truth and beauty about our Religion, Witchcraft. To dispel and destroy all the old myths and stereotypes associated with Witches and the Craft.  We started out as five people with that one mission in mind. As we started to grow, I watched other Pagan groups and sites fall beside the wayside. I don’t know if I felt we were to blame for that or not. We had a meeting and I expressed my concerns for the other sites. That is when we did a 180, we became a resource site for other Pagan groups and sites. We freely offered our information and anything else we had to help the others survive. Perhaps the others didn’t understand my reasoning but it was simple. The WOTC might be a rather large group with many branches but one group cannot do nor accomplish what needs to be done for our Divine Mother.


We have to make our community strong once again. The WOTC will always support any site or group it can and we want to see new sites open and thrive. It will take all of us to put Witchcraft back into mainstream religion. I think most of you read my public comment to my friend, NOT! You should know people like that is why I am determined to see The Craft back in the mainstream religions. Considering we were the first religion on this planet, I believe we should take our rightful place there.


Off on the soapbox again, I don’t know ever since that fire my personality has changed. I haven’t figured out if it is for the good or for the worse. Eleanor told me it was because I made a commitment to the Goddess and I realize I almost or could have died and not fulfilled that commitment. I don’t know but I have changed so bear with me, maybe I will change back or not? Anyway, the following material is free to grab, do with it what you want, in fact, now you know all the material here is yours to use as you see fit. Grab it. Copy and paste it for the Daily Digests.


Now I am off to get that info on here for you. Remember this is just going to be one day a week, so have patience.


Oh, yeah, I love you,

Lady A


Oh, I am being reminded AGAIN, I forgot to mention…..

Jacob is a damn good, young man. He brought a laptop to the hospital and one of the nurse told him or showed him how to hook up to the internet there. He would pull his chair up beside the bed and we redesigned the store’s look together. Now when the others came in, the laptop sort of did a disappearing act. But don’t tell anyone, lol! If you haven’t seen the store recently or just bored, stop by check it out. New inventory is now coming in, fast.