This “holiday”, a bit similar to “Christmas Eve” in Christianity is named after an 8th century saint named Walburga, a German Abbess (Mother Superior of Nuns). It falls on April 30th, the time of May Eve and is actually notorious for all sorts of psychic, supernatural, and occult friskiness throughout the human world. Its like is not to be seen again until All Hallows Eve, and kicks off a six month period of effectiveness in spell-casting and real contact with the spirit world. It is a night of witches gatherings to practice magic, raise spirits, promote their craft, and induct new members. Hollywood horror films made this a favorite holiday of mischievous spirits in the cult-classic “Troll” 1986, Empire Pictures. Earth and Moon energies begin to harmonize at this time.



The Enchanter’s Almanac: 2016 to 2017 (First Edition)
Murray T. Paschal


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