Let’s Talk Witch – Reincarnation and Everything Else In The Book

Let’s Talk Witch – Reincarnation


This episode has a mixture of everything in it. Let’s see from Lady Abyss’ questions about her own personal experiences with spirits and reincarnation to Deborah Blake’s article from her book, “Everyday Witch A to Z: An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft to past life regressions.


It is one of those episodes you just have to listen to, to fully understand, lol!



The Witches Spell of the Day for April 23 – House Guardian Spell

The Witches Spell of the Day for Sunday, April 23rd

House Guardian Spell

Items You Will Need:

Three white household candles
One empty glass jar
One pan
Boiling water
One black candle 6 to 8 inches long
Heatproof plate
Tennis ball size of modeling clay
One bramble thorn
One iron nail
One dried bay leaf
One juniper berry

Best time to cast spell:
On the dark of the Moon

The Spell:
1. Prior to casting your circle, place the household candles in the jar. This should be placed in a pan of boiling water on a burner on the stove until the wax is liquid.

2. Cast your circle as usual.

3. Light the black candle, saying:

May Hecate, Kali , and Lilith
witness and empower my spell.

4. Make a human shaped hollow, approximately 4 inches tall in the modeling clay, and place it on a heatproof plate.

5. Fill this mold with the molten wax. Place in the liquid was the thorn, nail, bay leaf, and juniper berry saying:

Defend this home by tooth and claw
Let no evil pass my door.

6. When the figure is set hard, peel away the modeling clay, and bury your guardian outside to the front or rear of your home. Close the door.


*Note: Special magickal tip included in audio not published here.



The Spells Bible
Ann-Marie Gallagher



Part 3 of the WOTC’s Sunday Divination, Daily Tarot, Runes, Influences and much more

Welcome to Part 3 of the WOTC’s Sunday Divination for April 23rd


You’ll be happy to know, we kept this one sort of short today, Lady A has some good news to share with you,  Plus in this episode you will find:


Your Daily Tarot Card

Your Daily Influences

Daily Witches Rune

Your Ancient Symbol Card

Your Animal Spirit Guide

The Wisdom of Buddha


A Little Thought From Me to You

When a warrioress or warrior goes down on their knees, the battle is not over.
It has just begun…..

Up Next…..

The Spell of the Day


Let’s Talk Witch: Reincarnation


A Very Beautiful & Blessed Sunday Morn’ To All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft

The Witch is kind and fair,
Her love for nature everywhere,
She’s guided by the spirits high,
And sees the world through caring eyes.

The Witch thanks all around,
The Green Man here upon the ground,
The spirits that rise into the air,
The Witch will truly care.

The elements from the Earth and Air,
Has set you on the path to where,
You’ll find your Witch to be,
It’s true my friends, it’s happened to me.

From the book, Pagan Ways
Alan Faraway



Good Morning Brothers & Sisters! We hope you are having a very relaxed and blessed Sunday Morn’! Grab a cup of coffee and stick around for a bit. We have plenty in store for you as usual. This episode includes:


Your Astronomy for Today

Your Nightly Sky

The Witches Moon Phase

Sun in Taurus

Next Up!

Your Daily Horoscopes and much, much more….