Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Monday, April 10th

Welcome to another new feature, well not really, we feature it all the time on the WOTC. It is a section that we like to call “Get A Jump On Tomorrow.” With the help of our master astrologer, you are given a glimpse into what tomorrow has in store for you. Now……


Your Horoscopes for Monday, April 10th





Your Sunday Divination for April 9th

Grab your cup of coffee, sit back relax and see what the day holds for you. Let our expert astrologers, Tarot readers and Rune readers give you a glimpse into your day.


Today we feature:

Astronomy of the Day

In the Sky Tonight

Current Moon Phase

Your Daily Horoscopes

Daily Tarot Card

Daily Witches Rune

Daily Ancient Symbol Card

Wisdom of the Buddha

and Our Thought of the Day


After this podcast, we are going to feature one of our more popular sessions on the WOTC, “Get a jump on Tomorrow.” For those of you who are not familiar with that, we have very good friend who is an excellent astrologer and he give us a look at what tomorrow will like. So we hope you enjoy this new feature and it never hurts to prepare for things to come.



Wicked Wisdom #2

Good Morning and Welcome to Wicked Wisdom

Wicked wisdom? Yes, you heard right. It is the hopes of the producers that individuals that do not know what Witches and Witchcraft are truly about, will be curious about this title. Curious enough to come and give it a listen. Then after listening to a few broadcast, these individuals will come to learn that we are not wicked, nor do we worship Satan or sacrifice babies. It is our sincere hope that this little series reaches those who still have a closed mind toward witches and Witchcraft. All we ask is that you keep an open mind when listening to these podcast, then you will truly come to know what we are really about.