Spell of the Day for April 2 – Making A Protective Charm

Spell of the Day for April 2

(Part 2)

Making A Protective Charm


Using St. John’s Wort, a traditional herb used for banishing negativity, this protective charm is great for warding off illness while in the process, increasing your courage and will power. You can hang St. John’s Wort in your bedroom to prevent nightmares and to protect you from negative powers just as it does in this spell.



Spell Of The Day for April 2 – Secret Name Ritual for Protection

Spell of the Day for April 2nd

Secret Name Ritual for Protection


Names are considered very sacred in Witchcraft. This spell is very useful as a means for protection against any negative or dark magick attack. The idea behind this spell is to find your protective magickal name and then in times of trouble you will be able to you it as a defense.


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Your Weekend Divination for Sunday, April 2nd

Your Weekend Divination for Sunday, April 2nd


Today, we invite you to join us and our very talented Psychics and Fortune Tellers to see what the weekend has in store for you.


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Lady of the Abyss not only gives you her thought of the day but also tells you thank for the beautiful bottle tree that you provided her for her birthday. Her what is was like when she first say the tree standing in her yard. How much it meant to her after a very tiring day of test.


There are two announcements about up coming series, we are going to continue the series on Divination. But we will not include a special presentation on Dragon Magick. So please, keep an eye open for this new series, we hope it is going to be a hit and something you will enjoy!

And next, two Spells of the Day just for you!