What does the day have in store for you, Your daily Divinations for Monday, April 24th

Again we apologize for running so late but it’s a Monday and finally your horoscopes for today………

This episode includes

Your Daily Horoscopes for Today

(ok, they are late, but you can see if this stuff really happened)

If You Were Born Today

Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for April 25th

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Your Daily Tarot Card

Your Daily Runes

Your Animal Spirit Guide

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Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for April 24

Love Is In the Air! That’s right, it’s time for your Weekly Love Horoscopes for April 24th brought to you by Marie DeSimone from Tarot.com (which is a Daily Insight Group). Since the love horoscopes are so long, we divided them up and will be doing the same with “Get a Jump on Tomorrow’s” horoscopes. Besides, we didn’t want you to get bored.


And here they are, your Love Horoscopes for the Week of April 14th


Check Out What The Planets and Stars Have In Store For You Today With Our Daily Astronomy

Good Monday Morning brothers & sisters of the Craft! We hope you are having a very beautiful and blessed day so far. I know it is unusual for the WOTC for us to do a podcast on Mondays but just listen and I explain why.


The divine is everywhere
Flowing through the universe
Light and water and air
Loving and healing
Every place is divine
And every home touched by deity.

The divine is everyone
Walking a thousand paths
Stranger, friend and family
Different yet the same
And every person touched by deity.

The divine is inside us
In every breath we take
Action, thought and essence
Accepted and accepting
We are divine
We touch and are touched by deity.


–Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook: Wonderfully Witchy Blessings, Charms & Spells
Deborah Blake


This Episode Includes:

Your Astronomy for Monday, April 24th

Moon in Aries

In Your Sky Tonight

The Witches Current Moon Phase

Weekly Astrology: April 24-30

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