What A Beautiful, Springtime Morning The Goddess Has Blessed Us With! Happy Wednesday, Everybody!

Purple Flowers for SpringInvocation/Prayer to the Moon Goddess


Silver Lady nestling in the midnight sky,

Shine your ageless wisdom upon our souls.

Guide us and nourish our spirits with your mysteries

So that we may flourish and grow under your beauty.

Oh goddess of light, teach us the truths we so desire

And let us bathe in your silver aura.

Cleanse our bodies in your purifying light

And uplift our minds with your magic and majesty.

So shall we honour you with our hearts

And forever follow your illuminated path

To the centre of our souls.

MoonWillow, Author
Originally published on Pagan PoetrySave

Greet the Dawn With This Lovely Morning Blessing

Get a jump start on your day with this beautiful morning blessing. It is guaranteed that you will see a difference in your day after saying this blessing everyday. Enjoy!



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