The Spell of the Day for April 3 – An Evil Eye Amulet

The Spell of the Day for April 3

An Evil Eye Amulet


Have you ever had this errie feeling you were being targeted by bad luck and misfortune. Well, since ancient time people in many cultures have sought out and use evil eye talismans or amulets for protection. Whether the evil force threatening them is human, animal or supernatural, this all seeing charm protects you and your loved ones for all evil will and intent, just like it did our ancestors in the past.


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Your Daily Divination for Monday, April 3

Your Daily Divination for Monday, April 3


Since we don’t generally do weekday divination, we thought we would throw everything at you including the kitchen sink, lol! No, not really, but we do have a podcast full of divination offered by our expert Tarot readers, Astrologers and Rune readers that will amaze you. So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy!


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