May The Goddess Shine Her Blessings Down On You & Your On This Beautiful Wednesday Morn’!

The Lost Should who Found Her Home

In magic realms,
There exists a truth,
We forever searching,
In realms above,
Looking for this truth perfect,
Our mortal lives to reflect,
Upon the past,
We must let go,
To be re-born in the present,
The here and now,
Our journey through life,
Is all but a dream,
A blink of an eye,
In the great cosmic scheme,
In outer realms

The search for perfection,
We will never find,
It’s only a figment,
In our mind,
This is the truth,
We must all realise,
Until we reach inner realms,
Where pure love and truth abide,
So seek not dear traveller,
Through time and space,
Accept what has been given,
With good grace,
For life is a cycle of re-birth,
Only hope exists,
In our lives on earth.

— Julie Ann
Originally published on Blessed Be, Online Wiccan Resource Center


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