Good Saturday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! Happy Earth Day To All!

Good Saturday Morning to All Our Precious Family & Friends! In case you haven’t heard, its EARTH DAY!


We have some very interesting and exciting broadcast planned for today. As usual, we will be dividing up each section such as Astronomy, Horoscopes, Tarot & Runes for your easy access to them.


Today, we start with our Astronomy section and a very beautiful poem honoring our Mother Earth…..


A Psalm to Gaia

The Earth is my mother, I shall not want.
She nurtures me in green pastures;
She freshens me with flowing waters.
… She restores my body and awakens my soul.


Although I walk in the shadow of changing seasons and passing time,
I will not fear death,
For the essence of life is within me,
The peace and beauty of Earth comfort me.


She teaches me to harvest her abundant gifts,
She fills my heart with compassion,
I drink from the cup of simple pleasures.


As I look to the skies with wonder at the immensity of the universe,
I know I am blessed beyond measure to live all the days of my life
in the bountiful house of Gaia.


Next up, Horoscopes….