Your Daily Horoscopes for Sunday, April 16th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Sunday, April 16th



Aries Horoscope

Your ruler, Mars, forms two lovely aspects today, dear Aries, and this suggests an incredible ease and flow to your self-expression. It’s a strong day for gaining support and interest, and for seeking out what and who you want. You are appealingly upfront, and others are seeing exactly what makes you special or unique. You can make excellent progress with a business idea. The day is better for gestures and actions than verbal expressions, and if you need to unload built-up stress, it’s a fine time to do so with physical or outdoors activity. Your inner courage is strong now. You are certainly very ready to defend yourself and your worth or value, but you are best off proving your value with positive actions. You have special appeal today. After weeks of retrograde Venus activity, it finally feels that you’re going forward, and it feels great! You’ll feel even more refreshed after April 28th when Venus returns to your sign for an extended stay, but you’re feeling encouraged now.


Taurus HoroscopeYou want to make positive steps towards a goal or improve your life today, dear Taurus, or you might simply want to put overthinking behind you and enjoy the moment. Your spirits run high, and you can be feeling empowered. Not only has Venus, your ruler, ended its retrograde, but Mars in your sign is also forming two encouraging aspects today, facilitating efforts to put the past behind you or to reach out to others. You may meet a special friend or someone special through a friend or group connection (or possibly even networking). Friendships and love relationships can strengthen or enliven now. Mercury remains retrograde in your sign, and you may not always feel that you have the right words at the tip of your tongue, but your body language is very effective. You are giving off warm and stimulating vibes. It’s a good time to follow up with others. You might enjoy productive or motivating activities with people around you now.



While a lot is going on inside you these days, dear Gemini, you are likely to wear a beautiful glow today and attract some attention for it. You naturally take the lead and set the trends, making it easy for others to follow along. You are a mentally-oriented person by nature, but today you are quite fine with letting go of overthinking and throwing yourself into action, allowing what you do talk for itself. If a relationship could use some repair, this is a good time for it, less through words and more through gestures and actions. Your charisma is high now, and part of it involves mystery, as you’re not inclined to share everything these days. Your approach may be a tad roundabout, but this can work in your favor. Patience is a good strategy right now.



You can feel a strong desire to make improvements to your life today, dear Cancer, and you’re in a good position to do so. If there have been recent troubles in your relationships, you can work on them through positive actions today. You’d rather do something about a problem than simply think or talk about it. In fact, this is probably the best approach now. Opportunities to meet someone special through groups, acquaintances, long-distance communications, and networking can emerge now. Or, you can find satisfaction and inspiration through these channels. Your creative powers are good today, and smooth energy is with you for pursuing a project that’s important to you. Affection is easier to express in explicit and direct ways today – energy that has been missing for some time now, and it feels good to have it back.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

There is a building sense of purpose with you now, and it feels good, dear Leo. You have stronger conviction today and tomorrow, and things you had trouble expressing or deciding upon in recent weeks now flow out of you effortlessly. Words may not be perfect, but actions can be clear. Venus has just turned direct, and while still sluggish, gets a boost from Mars today. This can translate into improved intimate relations or a career prospect for you. You might get professional support or backing now. Competition is of the friendly or healthy kind – you’re motivated to give a little more. Taking steps to improve your connections makes sense today. The Moon’s move into your work and health sector this evening draws your attention to your duties, tasks, and daily routines.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

This is another fine day for taking action rather than overthinking things, dear Virgo. Sometimes it’s much better to jump into action and then figure things out as you go along. This can be a good time for some form of adventure with a special person in your life, or for feeling that you have a sense of purpose through a relationship. You are likely to feel both supported and nurtured yet also highly stimulated and motivated. A person’s good opinion of you may spur you on to make more improvements, for example. Your intuition seems to be spot on today, and your focus is on personal matters, healing energies, and positive reinforcement. You could find yourself on the same or complementary page as a significant other.



Your ruler, Venus, has just turned direct, dear Libra, and while sluggish, picks up an encouraging aspect today. You have healing energy with you to channel into private matters and physical health. This can be a good time for physical therapy of some sort, even on an informal level. You can be exceptionally smart, original, and responsive today, and you’re looking at normal situations in new ways. Providing a service or volunteering your help can figure strongly. This can be a great time for getting back into the swing of things with your work or wellness routines. Intimate matters flow effortlessly, and you can be feeling quite accepting and peaceful with yourself or a partner. Your natural confidence now can be particularly appealing to others.


Scorpio Horoscope

You’ll manage to inspire confidence and faith today, dear Scorpio, as you have a quietly and magically healing touch with Mars in easy aspect to healer Chiron connecting your relationship sectors. Your natural confidence is part of your charm now, and it’s likely to be in direct proportion to your ability to take action. You are virtually fearless when it comes to facing problems, and others are drawn to you. There is a pleasant feel to your relationships today, but there is some spiciness involved as well. In fact, interactions can be inspired and inspiring, and feedback can be motivating. If relationships could use some form of work or repair, and many of them do with Venus recently retrograde, then today is good for positive actions and gestures.


Sagittarius Horoscope

You are likely to find it easy and natural to make connections with others that boost your spirits and confidence, dear Sagittarius. Particularly coming out of a retrograde Venus cycle, it feels wonderful to sense that things are moving forward. Positive feedback is likely now, especially if you aren’t looking for it. It’s easy to psych people and situations out right now, as you seem to have your finger on the pulse of the moment. Reducing mental stress is easier today through activities or taking action rather than overthinking things. Some competitiveness can be stimulating, and today’s is likely to be of the friendly variety. You are gracious and obliging, and you could volunteer your help with a practical matter to show your affection. The Moon leaves your sign tonight, ending its monthly two-day visit, and emotions tend to steady enough that you can more effectively focus on your practical affairs.


Capricorn Horoscope

This is a time to stay on top of things socially, dear Capricorn, as opportunities to connect with friends or lovers can emerge in the coming days, even if there are some hurdles to clear. Today is another good day for activity – perhaps even better than recent days. You are courageous when it comes to finding the source of a problem and dealing with it. You don’t want to feel weighed down or restricted by overthinking. Physical activities or games can help reduce built-up stress. Creative self-expression seems to loosen and flow more naturally now, and this is set to increase. Interactions with friends and children are warm and fun. There are days when others can seem to drain your energy and others when friends energize you, and it’s likely to be the latter today. The Moon leaves your privacy sector tonight when it enters your own sign. This also serves to build your courage, conviction, and decisiveness.



You are very willing to cooperate today, dear Aquarius, but if this means compromising or stifling your creativity, you’re likely to go your own way happily. You can feel more capable of taking charge and handling problem areas confidently. Personal comfort, beauty, and prized possessions can be in strong focus now. You are particularly confident about pursuing your needs and wants, and you may want to take action that sets the ball into motion. This is a good day for magnetizing people and things to you. You can be particularly resourceful, and situations seem to draw out your natural talents, which come in handy now! The Moon also slips into your privacy or emotional wellness sector tonight, pointing you in the direction of disengaging and relaxing.



Attempts to reach out to others can be very successful today, dear Pisces. You’re in better shape showing your affections through your actions than through speech alone, and you have added confidence to do so. Extending help, graciousness, and courtesies can be very beneficial now. People appreciate your style, and there will be a whole lot more of this going forward. You are both charming and assertive now – a magical combination! Your ability to guide and heal through your personal presence is in the spotlight. Sincerity and honesty are particularly attractive traits today, and now with Venus moving direct in your sign, it’s easier to come across well with others.