On Sunday, April 16th, We Celebrate…..

On Sunday, April 16th, We Celebrate…..

Ludi (Rome)

Themes: Rest, Pleasure; Nature

Symbols: All Flowers; Gardens

About Pomona: A Roman Goddess of orchards and gardens, Pomona is symbolized by al gardening implements. Pomans’s consort was Vertumnus, who likewise presided over gardens. Together, they embody the fruitful earth from which we gather physical and spiritual sustenance. First fruits are traditionally offered to them in gratitude.

To Do Today: Public games in Ancient Rome were dedicated to taking a much-needed rest fromo toil and war. this particular segment of the festival celebrated the beauty of flowers before people returned to the fields and their labors. So, wear a floral- or leafy-print outfit today and visit a greenhouse or an arboretum. Take time out to literally smell the flowers and thank Pomona for the simple pleasure this provides.

Make yourself a Pomona oil to dab on anytime you want to better appreciate nature or cultivate some diversion from your normal routine. Prepare this from the petals of as many different flowers as you can find, gathered early in the day. Steep the petals in warm oil until they turn translucent, then strain. Repeat and add essential oils (fruits ones for Pomona are ideal) to accentuate the aroma and energy you’ve created.

365 Goddess, A Daily Guide to the magic and inspiration to the Goddess
Patricia Telesco


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