April 2017 Energy Update

The End of ‘The Love and Light Brigade’ & The Rawness of Re-patterning

INTENSE ENERGY WAVES – The energy extremes are being felt worldwide – many have gone through mini ‘dark nights of the soul’ as they clear their lower energies in short, sharp bursts. Releases which ULTIMATELY LEAD TO GREATER CONNECTION and pass fast, but can be intense while experienced.

DAILY REPETITION – the action ‘key’ ‘to breakthroughs right now is REPETITIVE PRACTICE of anything that feels GOOD, and OPENING to you and your LIFE-FORCE. Keep practising what brings you BALANCE.

FIRE will play out on THE WORLD STAGE IN APRIL – globally and interpersonally. Be mindful of this, internally and externally and maintain your balance as much as possible.

Sensitive beings are experiencing the collective CORE EMOTIONS right now – ANGER and FIRE are strong energies in the collective, and SADNESS/GRIEF are the undercurrents of those energies. These are moving across the planet. If you are feeling them, remember to EXHALE AND RELEASE THE COLLECTIVE ENERGY regularly.

Over-givers will be called to SERIOUSLY CHANGE their behaviors this month – it is time for over-givers and those who identify as nurturers, or ‘Bringers of Love and Light’, to learn about discernment in a DEEP way. April will bring core energy lessons in this area, resulting in you strengthening your energy and life-force, rather than mindlessly giving energy, love and light to sources who cannot receive it, or cannot use it wisely.

HIGHER ENERGIES and celestial guidance is here and stronger than ever – we can learn to access them via our current RE-PATTERNING. This will come through continually directing your behaviors and connection to a frequency of BEING that works for us, more than what we are ‘doing’ at this time.

Let your DESIRE of well being and alignment be the driving force and lead the ‘doing’ in your life (rather than the mind and its habitual patterns). Investigate what you WANT to do, rather than what you think you SHOULD do this month.



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