A Word Before We Run Off, Please………

Got to run over to the Podcast and do a little work there. I did want to clarify something, if you listened to the podcast “Bindrunes 101.” I was not drunk, I sounded like it but I wasn’t. I don’t even drink. The doctor has changed my pain medicine and of course I took one before I did the broadcast. But at least I wasn’t drunk, lol! With all the tests they have been doing they have traced the start of the tumor on my hip to my liver. It seems your liver has little nodes in it and tumors and growths can hide there. The mass on my hip had little things that looked like branches on it. After looking and looking they found that the branches stemmed from a growth hiding out in my liver. So I don’t know what they are going to do about it. I told Lady Beltane that when I take one of these new pills to stop the pain, I don’t walk, I don’t drive, I don’t move but at least I don’t hurt. HA, ain’t that living now. There is a mile long name for what I have, all I know it is a genetic disorder. Now what they are going to do about it, don’t know that either. I go back to the doctors the first of May and find out then. Just keep me in your prayers.


Now off to the Podcast, we are going to try to get some Dragon magick on there but there is one hell of a storm coming up. So we will see if the lights stay on long enough for us to get it done. Till tomorrow, my sweets…….


Love ya,

Lady A


2 thoughts on “A Word Before We Run Off, Please………

  1. Dear Lady A,
    As a nurse I have a pretty good handle on what you’ve gone through and have to say you are one strong and positive woman. My prayers and good wishes are with you daily. Please take care of your self!
    Many Blessings,


    1. Thank you so much, Pam. Just please remember to keep me in your prayers. I believe right now I need them more than anything and I have found out a witch’s prayers are very powerful.
      Thank you again,
      Lady A

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