Something We Haven’t Discussed Much At All – Bindrunes

I feel it is my fault that we haven’t discussed the Bindrunes, especially since I am a Rune Reader. I ran across this page and there are a few Bindrunes I use to make for family, friends, familiars and myself. The Bindrunes are a combination of different runes that are put together for the practitioner’s purpose. The one I used on several occasions was the one in the upper right-hand corner. I will not lie to you it does help if you have some knowledge of the Runes. I believe for Bindrunes it is best that the practitioner make his or her own. With the Bindrunes, you can create any spell you want and if it is a not so nice spell or in this case Rune, you can give it to your intended victim. But I would never dream of doing anything like that, lol!


When we get a routine again, I will show you all the different Bindrunes there are. I think you will be like I was, totally amazed. I believe after I saw all the things that Runes can do is the reason I gave up on Tarot cards. But when we get to that, I will let you be your own judge.


Now back to business, I just found something from the past that I wanted to share with you.

Lady A



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