Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 14th

Get A Jump on Tomorrow……

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 14th



Aries Horoscope

The Moon’s move into your adventure sector today can be uplifting, dear Aries. While you may do battle with conflicting desires to tend to the hearth and break out on your own, the overriding theme of the day seems to be spiritual and emotional growth. Your ruler, Mars, forms a creative aspect with Neptune, reinforcing a need to let your imagination take you places you haven’t been for awhile. Compassionate acts may figure strongly now. There can be unusual dreams that seem to resonate more deeply with you than usual today, both of the night and day variety. Even on this day before a Venus station, which is often a little tricky, you can find reasons to feel inspired.


Taurus HoroscopeAgain today, you’re likely to rebel against the routine, dear Taurus, but you can also be quite private or a little withdrawn now. Some of you may be holding on to an exciting secret or simply enjoying more time to think and imagine. Mars in your sign in creative aspect to Neptune today can point to benefits softening your approach to pursuing a desire or asserting yourself. This is not necessarily about being conniving, but more about looking for creative ways to reach your goals, and with retrograde activity particularly strong on your sign, this can be especially helpful today. Tomorrow, Venus turns direct, but don’t be too quick to jump into action.



The Moon’s move into your partnership sector this morning turns your attention to social matters, dear Gemini, with increasingly less emotional investment in your work and routine. Not all of the usual channels for expressing yourself and making connections seem to be working up to par, and this prompts you to find new ways of making things happen. You may be doing some creative maneuvering behind the scenes now and making some impressive progress. Venus turns direct tomorrow, but while it’s making this shift, it’s better to process and take in than to jump into anything brand new.



This morning, the Moon moves into your sector of routines and daily affairs, dear Cancer, and you’re more likely to prioritize duties and order over fun and games. This is a fine day for applying yourself to something you deem worthwhile, but doing things completely to plan or in a conventional manner may not fare very well at the moment. You’re better off injecting imagination and spirit into whatever you’re doing. It’s a good time for creative ideas about the future, even if quite a few influences are turning your attention to the past these days. Patience is essential today.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

This is not a day for doing everything by the book or according to schedule, dear Leo, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. In fact, you are particularly creative in your approach to your work, bosses, or associates now. Not all of the usual channels for getting your message across are working out smoothly, but this puts you in the position to make the best of things – a place where you naturally shine. The Moon’s move into your pleasure sector this morning further enhances your good mood and spirit. With Venus close to a direct station, exercise patience and allow yourself time to adjust to this shift in direction before making major moves.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

While today and tomorrow are days of a shift in Venus’ direction and patience is important, dear Virgo, you can nevertheless be productive and enjoy some creative thinking and imagining now. The Moon’s move into your sector of home and family this morning can pull you into yourself for some necessary down time. However, a lot is going on under the surface of things now, and you can be feeling quite excited about some of your dreams, which are seeming more and more realizable. It wouldn’t hurt you to break down some of the focus now to let a little more imagination into your plans.



In some ways, it can seem as if life is standing still with Venus, your ruler, set to turn direct tomorrow morning but at a station, dear Libra. You may very well feel as if you’re in limbo, waiting for some area of your life to unclog. However, today is not only about waiting, as you have a very creative connection between your solar eighth and sixth houses suggesting good hunches that lead you to just the right information or methods that help you out. Projects already underway and “sure things” can benefit from a more freeform approach today. This morning, the Moon moves into your communications sector, stimulating a need for more movement and mental stimulation in your life.


Scorpio Horoscope

With Venus on the verge of turning direct and Mercury rather newly retrograde, dear Scorpio, this is not an ideal time for clarity in your close relationships. However, actions are speaking louder than words these days, and today is no exception. Sharing activities or working together with someone towards a common goal can be very satisfying now. This can also be a day for rich fantasies and imaginings. You’ll have a stronger desire to bring a dream to life. The Moon moves out of your sign this morning and into your resources sector, helping you to muster up the patience to wait for clearer times to move something forward.


Sagittarius Horoscope

This morning, the Moon moves into your sign, dear Sagittarius, ending a brief theme of relative anonymity. You can experience a greater need to connect with the world around you, to seek out feedback or validation, and to be heard or acknowledged. With Venus about to turn direction, however, it can be a somewhat tricky time to navigate on a social level. There can be some misunderstandings. Even so, you’re in a great position to decompress and allow yourself some extra time to dream and imagine or add creative flourishes to your current ventures, particularly related to home and work endeavors.


Capricorn Horoscope

After some rather busy or socially-focused days, dear Capricorn, the Moon moves into your privacy sector, and you’re entering a short cycle of relative anonymity. It’s a period for increased attention to your inner world, and it comes at a good time for introspection with Venus about to change directions. Venus’ direct shift will have the effect of smoothing out or clarifying certain projects and relationships, but this doesn’t happen in one fell swoop! Take your time and process your feelings now. You can be deeply entranced by your dreams today, finding it very easy to get caught up in your imagination. Plans seem more realizable, but patience is necessary for now.



This is not an ideal time for new projects or launches, dear Aquarius, and it’s not great for clarity and warmth in relationships, either. This temporary lull is about directional shifts and isn’t personal! However, you don’t have to act as if you are stuck or in limbo, particularly with a Mars-Neptune influence today that points to real benefits to decompressing, slowing down, and taking a step back from what you’re doing so that you can look at it in a more creative way. Today is also good for money and home affairs – you’re finding unique ways to make yourself feel more secure and comfortable.



You can be feeling particularly energetic now, dear Pisces. With Venus reaching a station early tomorrow, today and tomorrow require restraint and patience. Brand new beginnings may not thrive now. Further, if they did happen to take off, you might change your mind later. However, this is a good time for fabulous ideas and inspired work on endeavors you already have in the works. There can be engaging conversations and unusual news or surprising coincidences. You are adding more color and flair to all that you do now.