WOTC Prayer of the Day for April 11: Prayer for World Peace

WOTC Prayer of the Day

World Peace


Every day, we wake up and turn on the News to only hear of more violence, killings, drive-bys, trucks mowing into crowds of people and it goes on and on. Not to mention all the battle ships currently traveling to the Middle East. It is one sad story after another, what has our world come too? Is there no sanity left?


It is time for the witches to remember why we were given our talents and our powers, for the betterment of mankind and to assist mankind in any way we can. If our assistance is not needed not, it never will be. I would ask that you take a moment out of your busy day, light a candle and say this prayer or one of your own but whatever you do, please say a prayer for peace. We cannot stand by and idly watch the world destroy itself. We are needed now more than ever, let us stand together and change the current course of history.


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