The Wicca Book of Days for Monday, April 10th

Golden SeaThe Wicca Book of Days for Monday, April 10th

Macho Mars

The planet Mars has been regulating affairs on Earth ever since the zodiacal month of Aries began on around March 21, and its influence has, by now, become particularly powerful. Its hue, the color of bloood, caused the Romans to name the “Red Planet” after Mars, teir god of war, and its sigil represent a warrior’s round shield from which protrudes a spearhead. That this symbol also signifies maleness in biology, an iron in alchemy, attests to just some of the traditionally masculne qualities that Mars embodies, according to astrological single-mindedness, and hardness.

A Will of Iron

Even the gentlest personality needs to be assertive once in a while, and if you are steeling yourself for a confrontation, why not arm yourself with some of Mars’s spirit and determination by wearing an iron pendant or bangle?


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