Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, April 11th

Get A Jump on Tomorrow……

Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, April 11th



Aries Horoscope

You may feel a little divided or pressured in the first half of the day, dear Aries, as your need for independence clashes with both your dedication to domestic matters and your desire for companionship. This is a recurring theme, although outside ambitions and career are often in the mix! You’re no stranger to the feeling of being pulled in many directions, but today you may be quick to ditch practical activities in favor of following a whim. As the day moves forward, motivation to get something done, improve, and build takes over, and you may very well enlist some help and enjoy yourself thoroughly. You’re ready to make your own luck and others may be quick to join you.


Taurus Horoscope

In the first half of the day, you can find yourself easily distracted as much as you want to get things done, dear Taurus. This may be a signal that you’re in need of a change of pace in order to get back into the groove of things. As the day advances, you’re in a fabulous position to get some serious work done, adding your unique flair to whatever you do. Others may admire your ability to take the initiative and solve problems creatively. It’s a great time to do something active, health-positive, and related to self-improvement and wellness. You’re ready to push yourself just a little more than usual, and this makes a big difference – you’re getting results.



You may be feeling a little ungrounded in the first half of the day, dear Gemini, making it difficult to stick to a routine or tedious tasks. There can be upset schedules, but part of the reason may be related to concerns about your social life. Your mind may not be in the present very often right now! However, as the day progresses, you tune into a more positive, forward-looking vibration and you’re more interested in taking the initiative than only talking or thinking about things. Your confidence improves, and you’re just a little braver and ready to push yourself to make your life better. Relationships grow as you take the lead or approach others with more confidence. Your sense of timing seems better than usual. Creatively speaking, you’re in good form.



In the first half of the day, you’re inclined to feel a little impatient, dear Cancer, and this can pull you away from your priorities. You may very well need to enjoy some spontaneity, a break, or a chance to take the lead or create something new. Try not to throw things out on a whim, but do consider making changes. Look for opportunities to approach the way you regularly do things a little differently as you can be in great need of a change of pace. Revitalizing something may be better than leaving it behind, although if you truly need to put something behind you, then this may be an easier time to do so. Later today, you find it simpler to take the initiative with fewer tendencies to overthink things and more focus on getting things done. Bringing a friend home or combining home life with your social life in a creative way may be just the thing you need right now.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

The tendency to rebel against the rules and priorities in the first half of the day runs high, dear Leo. The general atmosphere is somewhat chaotic, as part of you may feel deeply concerned about the very things you’re avoiding. While you do need to listen to your need to make changes, you’ll be better off figuring out exactly what these changes will be or what they will entail before throwing something out. You’re better able to focus your energies on something worthwhile as the day advances, however. You seem to be drawn instinctively to the things that will lead you in the right direction, or that will improve your life, but most important now is your confidence that you can turn any situation into a positive one. While both Mercury and Venus are retrograde and there may be some missteps or misunderstandings as a result, you can find new ways of expressing yourself that perfectly communicate your intentions tonight.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

You are absorbing a lot from your environment again today, dear Virgo, but it can be challenging listening to your intuition with plenty of distractions, not the least of which is your own inner rebel. In the first half of the day, you may be more defiant or moody than usual until you get in touch with what may be bothering you. In all likelihood, it’s about dreams or memories prompting you to deal with matters you thought were behind you. You might need to be a little noncommittal with others until you understand what you want and need more fully. As the day advances, take advantage of the tendency to want to actively make improvements rather than only think about your next step. You are particularly resourceful and might stumble upon an incredible deal or opportunity.



Energies continue to be a little temperamental until about midday, dear Libra. Again today, you are particularly sensitive to your own feelings as well as the atmosphere around you. Even if this feels a little unstable, pay close attention to what you’re picking up from the airwaves – this is a particularly psychic period for you! There can be huge distractions from your responsibilities now, however, largely related to a partner or friend or a relationship matter. If key people in your life aren’t particularly predictable or reliable now, you may feel a little ungrounded. Later today, however, you are in an excellent position to make the best of your situation. In fact, you feel increasingly more confident about taking decisive action to improve yourself and your lot in life. Even with Mercury and Venus both retrograde, you’re finding creative ways to communicate your intentions.


Scorpio Horoscope

In the first half of the day, it can be very hard to concentrate on priorities, dear Scorpio, as your spontaneous or rebellious side is pushing for attention. Changes in your routine, job, or schedule can interfere with your larger plans and distract you. However, as the day advances, optimism increases. Both Mercury and Venus are retrograde, and there can be more than the usual delays and sidetracking, but an influence on you later today encourages you to make the best of a situation. Your energies blend with a partner or friend in an enhancing and fortifying way. Your actions speak for themselves now, making up for recent misunderstandings. The Moon moves into your sign this evening, and you may have a feeling of emotional reawakening.


Sagittarius Horoscope

As dedicated as you are to your passion projects or deep line of thought, dear Sagittarius, in the first half of the day, the pull to play or free your mind is powerful! You may need to let your hair down a little or take a creative break before pushing forward. Routine wears you down. However, as the day advances, you’re in a pretty fabulous position to make the best of any situation you’re in, social or professional. You are ready to take action to improve your life, and you’re thinking up clever and creative ways to do so. Your own initiative can be attractive to others who are quick to follow your lead or move out of the way to let you do your thing! You might even combine social elements with your work or duties and get a lot accomplished in the process. Energy levels are high now.


Capricorn Horoscope

The Moon at the top of your chart keeps your mind on your responsibilities, dear Capricorn, but you can experience a rebellious or stubborn streak in the first half of the day that pulls you away from duties more often than not. This can leave you feeling on edge until you figure out a way to bring more excitement and inventiveness to your tasks. Routine may be wearing you down now. Fortunately, as the day advances, you feel increasingly more in charge of your life. You’re less inclined to rebel and more ready to take action on matters that improve your situation. You may be taking the lead or boldly expressing your creative side. Your confidence stimulates you to push yourself a little harder – just enough to get over a hump.



You can be a little fickle in the first half of the day, dear Aquarius. While your drive to get your chores out of your way is strong, you may be rebelling against your own rules now. This can be a signal that it’s time to change things up or add a little creativity to what you’re doing. There can be unexpected disruptions to deal with now, and while irritating, they may very well get you thinking in new and useful ways. As the day advances, you’re more likely to come into your own, particularly if you can focus on exciting goals. Inspiration comes more easily now as your temper evens out. The impatience of the morning dissipates, inviting interesting ideas and plans into your world. A problem might unravel now, and obstacles lift.



In the first half of the day, it can be hard to stick to a task and make much headway, dear Pisces, as you can find yourself easily distracted. This is a better time for freeform or creative activities than monotonous and routine tasks. As the day advances, you can be particularly resourceful and confident. Mercury is retrograde, and communications may not always go over as intended, but you’re in a good position to find different and satisfying channels for expressing yourself today. You are pushing yourself a little further now. As well, you’re working smarter, not necessarily harder. You might stumble upon information that truly helps you get over a hump.