Welcome to Our Special Series on Dragon Magick – Part 2 Includes Dragon Power in Magick

Welcome to Part 2 of our Special Series on Dragon Magick. In this session, we will cover the proper way to work with a dragon. Working with dragons in magick is different in many ways from other magickal procedures and practices, but not so different that you can disregard certain rules. You need to know to practice visualization and self-discipline, ethics, absolute truthfulness with yourself and much more to be covered in this session.


We hope you enjoy this series on Dragon Magick, Part 3 will include Dragon’s Breath in the Earth.





Excerpt from

Dancing with Dragons, Invoke their Ageless Wisdom and power

D. J. Conway, Author

Ms. Conway’s books on Dragon Magick are currently on sale on Amazon.com and also at fine bookstores everywhere.